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September 1:  Dear Lord, we pray for Bangladesh and ask You to work in the hearts of government officials. Give them strategies to protect victims of violence and discrimination who speak out against injustice. Watch over them as they carry out their vital work.

September 2:  Radical, extremist views against Christians have infiltrated every aspect of society in Bangladesh. A strong, proactive government response is needed to tackle extremism at its roots. Pray the government will strengthen police and security services to root out extremism.

September 3:  Fear has become a daily part of life for many people in Bangladesh. Pray for Christian communities that live in fear of attack and for Christian pastors living under threat.

September 4:  Compounding the targeted killings of Christians in Bangladesh is a mistrust of police, which heightens people’s fears. Pray local officials take practical steps to address internal corruption, ensure equality of treatment and restore trust in the justice system.

September 5:  When CSW visited Bangladesh, we met with human rights activist Rana Dasgupta. Pray for him and all of CSW’s partners in Bangladesh who are working to uphold the rights of religious minorities.

September 6:  The wave of shocking violence in Bangladesh in the last two years has created instability, adding to an already difficult and complex situation. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to spread peace across Bangladesh.

September 7:  Pray Egypt becomes a country where all faiths have equal rights. Christians are treated differently simply because of their faith. Thank God for the proposed new civil rights law that will abolish the requirement for a person’s religion on ID cards and official identity documents.

September 8:  In the past year, the number of people being charged for blasphemy (insulting Islam) has increased in Egypt. Victims are often sentenced to prison, and the accusations result in collective punishment of Christian communities in mob attacks. Pray for safety of those accused of blasphemy, their families and communities.

September 9:  Homes belonging to Christian Coptic families in Saft al-Kharsah village in Beni Suef Province, Upper Egypt, were destroyed by a mob in July amid rumors that one story of a man’s home was being used as a church. Pray for the safety of home churches in Egypt.

September 10:  Pray for Christians in Egypt who have suffered as a result of a government crackdown on human rights defenders. Thank God for the courage of lawyers, journalists, activists and church leaders fighting for religious freedom. Pray for the government to view Christians as allies in the fight against extremism and the emergence of a just society.

September 11:  As the Coptic New Year begins in Egypt, pray for Coptic Christians who have been forced from their homes that they would find somewhere safe to live. Pray that this New Year brings reconciliation, peace and hope for the future.

September 12:  Please pray for protection of Christians in Egypt. The Coptic New Year is occurring against the dangerous backdrop of continuing terrorist threat, a government crackdown on civil society and sporadic sectarian attacks in Upper Egypt.

September 13:  Dear Lord, please watch over Christians in Egypt as they celebrate their New Year.  We pray the year ahead will be filled with peace and hope for all the people of Egypt.

September14:  Almighty God, we pray for Your kingdom to come and Your will be done in Egypt, for Your glory. Strengthen and guide Your servants as they diligently pursue Your will.

September 15:  Please pray for the nation of Mexico. Religious freedom violations are on the rise all across Mexico, with regular occurrences in some areas, ranging from school exclusion, to violence and forced displacement.

September 16:  Pray for Protestant Christians in Mexico who suffer from harassment, violent threats and other more insidious methods of discrimination when their communities try to force them to conform or leave.

September 17: In June, 11 people from the same family were killed in the village of El Mirador, Mexico. They were part of a community of Evangelical Christians who had been forced out of their village 12 years ago. Please pray for the survivors of the massacre, the youngest being 6 and 4 years old.

September 18:  Pray for Protestant Christians in Mexico that God would give them strength as they live in communities often hostile toward them. Pray Christians who have been forced to leave their homes can find safe places to live.

September 19:  Pray for religious minority communities in Mexico, who often face discrimination and are forced to leave their homes because of their beliefs. Pray for peace and harmony to reign in multi-religious communities in Mexico.

September 20:  Pray for a group of Protestant Christians driven out of their village of Los Llanos, Mexico, in 2010. An attempt to resettle them in 2013 ended in another violent expulsion. They’re still awaiting justice.

September 21:  In many villages in Mexico, Evangelical Christian children are not allowed to attend school. Their families live in shelters because they have been kicked out of their village. Pray they would be able to return to their homes and school without fear.

September 22:  Imagine having no water or electricity because you believed something different than the rest of your street. Many Protestant Christians in Mexico have basic services cut off because of their faith. Pray for Christians living under oppression and fear.

September 23:  In parts of Mexico, Christians are having their power and water cut off, being forced from their homes or threatened with violence if they don’t convert. Pray for strength and safety for those facing intimidation for their faith.

September 24:  The number of violations of freedom of religion or belief across Mexico is rising with threats and attacks on religious leaders by criminal networks. Pray for protection of religious leaders being threatened by criminal networks.

September 25:  Please pray for peace in Mexico, where violent criminal groups commit crimes with impunity, and frequently target churches and church leaders who refuse to support them.

September 26:  Pastor Guillermo Favela, of the Rios de Agua Viva Church in Mexico, was stabbed near his church after refusing to pay protection money. Pray for his healing and safety for him and his family.

September 27:  Religious leaders in Mexico are frequently kidnapped and disappeared. Since 2012, six priests have been killed and three others have been victims of forced disappearances. Pray for protection of church leaders in Mexico.

September 28:  Recently, Casto Hernandez Hernandez and Fidel Lopez Hernandez talked to US policymakers in Washington, D.C. about being displaced in Mexico. Pray their testimony will cause powerful change for Mexico.

September 29:  Pray for government officials in Mexico to proactively uphold religious freedom in areas where violations commonly occur. Pray for an end to impunity and corruption.

September 30:  Pray for CSW’s partner organization, Impulso 18, as it expands its work across Mexico.  Ask God to bless CSW’s Latin America Team Leaders and staff with wisdom and safety.