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October 1:  Please pray for the nation of Burma. Pray for the people, government and the democracy movement to work together to improve inter-faith relationships, protect religious freedom and promote religious harmony.

October 2:  In recent years, real signs of hope have emerged in Burma after decades of brutal military dictatorship. There’s a long way to go before there is genuine freedom and peace. Pray the sense of emerging freedom in Burma will bring the nation together for a peaceful future.

October 3:  Pray for Burma, a nation in transition. After decades of brutal military rule, when religious minorities were severely persecuted, there are finally some signs of change. Grave challenges still lie ahead despite some positive developments. Pray political reforms will lead to lasting change for all Burma’s citizens.

October 4:  Praise God, many political prisoners were released, ceasefires established, and Burma’s democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi now sits in parliament rather than in prison. Pray the reform process continues. A dramatic rise in religious intolerance is casting a dark shadow over the nation.

October 5:  Pray for wisdom and protection of Burma’s democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, as she navigates between negotiations with the government and public campaigning. Pray the political reform process, widely recognized as having stalled, would get back on track.

October 6:  Thank God for the work of civil society organizations in Burma, especially those working to counter hate speech. Pray for an end to hate speech, intolerance, discrimination and religious violence.

October 7:  Burma has always been a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation. Recently, serious racial and religious tensions and conflict have come to the forefront. Pray security forces would act swiftly to protect those at risk of attack and prevent violence from escalating.

October 8:  Violence by militant Buddhists has escalated at a terrifying rate in Burma.  Ask God to bring physical, emotional and psychological restoration to the families of those who have been killed.

October 9:  Pray for the people of Kachin State in Burma. They have suffered terrible violence in recent years and thousands are being forced to flee their homes. The Kachin people, who are predominantly Christian, have suffered some of the worst human rights violations CSW has ever documented, including rape, torture and murder.

October 10:  Pray for an end to the devastating conflict and human rights violations in Kachin State.  Dear Lord, comfort and protect the 130,000 people of Rohingya displaced since 2012 following a campaign of violence.

October 11:  Please pray the proposed legislation in Burma banning inter-faith marriage and restricting conversion would be stopped. Pray for justice and provision for the poor and needy in Burma.

October 12:  Thank God for Archbishop Charles Bo of Rangoon, and other church leaders speaking out for human rights and religious freedom in Burma.

October 13:  Pray for the political prisoners who remain unjustly imprisoned in Burma. Dear Lord, give them strength and encouragement to endure the solitary, hardships and persecution.

October 14:  Burma has witnessed many years of turmoil and oppression – and yet, Burmese Christians continue to show their thirst for freedom and justice is unquenchable. Pray for God’s grace and peace to bear witness in His children.

October 15:  Please pray for the nation of Eritrea. Since Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1991, its government has grown increasingly ruthless. Approximately 3,000 Christians are imprisoned for their faith.

October 16:  Ask God to protect and provide for the families of Christians unjustly imprisoned in Eritrea.  Pray for God to bring comfort and peace to those with family members and friends detained in unknown locations.

October 17:  Pray for protection of those held in Eritrea’s huge network of inhumane prisons. Dear God, strengthen and comfort the families of those who are being held incommunicado.

October 18:  Although Eritrea’s constitution protects freedom of religion, the ruling party has not implemented this document. Thousands of Christians are detained without charge or trial, in inhumane, life-threatening conditions. Pray for justice for Christians facing persecution, mistreatment and unfair imprisonment.

October 19: Pray for churches in Eritrea to be able to meet without fear or intimidation. Please pray for Abune Antonios, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church, who has been under house arrest since 2006.

October 20:  The Eritrean government rules with fear and intimidation. Pray government authorities would stop oppressing its own people and would allow them to live in peace and freedom.

October 21:  The human rights crisis in Eritrea is one of the most serious in the world, yet one of the least reported.  Ask God to protect Eritrean refugees who flee the country in search of safety and hope for the future.

October 22:  Pray for God’s protection over refugees from Eritrea, who are often mistreated when they flee to Israel, Libya, Egypt and Italy.  Lord, help them to find work and safe homes.

October 23:  Pray for healing and safety for Christian Eritrean refugees who have suffered appalling mistreatment on account of their faith. May they find the strength they need to start new lives.

October 24:  Pray for the international community to hold Eritrea to its international human rights obligations and end the suffering of millions.

October 25:  June 2014 was a historic moment for Eritrea, when the UN agreed to set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the horrific human rights abuses. Pray for the UN Special Reporter tasked with this investigation.

October 26:  Please pray the Inquiry’s work will make people around the world more aware of Eritrea’s human rights crisis. Pray the report will be uncensored so the truth will be told.

October 27:  Pray the Eritrean authorities would cooperate with the UN and the UN would take decisive action to bring justice to Eritrea.

October 28:  Please pray for the safety of Christians in Eritrea. Dear Lord, protect Your children who are facing various hardships and persecution. Give them Your power to embolden them against all evil.

October 29:  O Lord, we pray You will strengthen and protect Your Church in Eritrea.  Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon this suffering nation to bring real change, and religious freedom to worship You without fear or persecution.

October 30:  Please pray God would bring healing and reconciliation to Eritrea. Transform the hearts of its leaders so peace and justice will reign.

October 31:  Almighty God, we thank You for all human rights defenders who devote their lives to bravely speak out for religious freedom and human rights, even at great risk to themselves. Bless them and their families for all they sacrifice to be voices for freedom.