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November 1:  Religious persecution in Burma is among the most severe in the world. Christians are arrested, imprisoned and killed. Pray for true religious freedom to come to the people of Burma, and for inter-religious dialogue and harmony to be established.

November 2:  Please pray for strength and encouragement for the Church in Burma. Christians are denied the right to build and maintain places of worship.

November 3:  Pray for safety of Christians in Burma. Crosses built on hillsides are torn down, churches are torched, and Buddhist propaganda is played during Christian services. Pray God empowers the Church in Burma to show Christ’s love and compassion.

November 4: Pray for the young people of Burma that they will have the courage and tenacity to stand up for religious freedom and change. Pray for the Church in Burma to be able to play a role in education, health and nation building, as it did 50 years ago.

November 5:  Loving God, please soften the hearts of leaders in the brutal military regime in Burma. Fill them with Your compassion and a sincere desire to serve their country in peace.

November 6:  Pray for Burma's General Elections on Nov. 8. Pray for religious freedom in Burma. There is great concern for Christians in Burma who face discrimination and persecution.Pray for the Holy Spirit to move upon the hearts and minds of all those in authority.

November 7: Pray for Aung San Suu Kyi, a well-known pro-democracy activist in Burma, who spent 20 years in prison or under house arrest. She is running in Burma's General Elections as the opposition leader. Pray for religious freedom in Burma.

November 8:  Today is the US International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Please lift up our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Since 1996, churches around the world have united in prayer for the millions of Christians suffering harassment, torture, imprisonment and even death for their faith.

November 9:  Pray for the worldwide Church to support all those facing discrimination and persecution because of their faith in Jesus. More people have died for their Christian faith in the 20th century than in all previous centuries combined.

November 10:  Ask God to help His Church around the world to experience greater unity, especially in places where they face harassment, discrimination and persecution. Thank God for the power of prayer to change seemingly hopeless situations of persecution.

November 11:  Give thanks for growing global coverage of religious freedom issues. Pray it will be well-directed. Thank God for CSW’s good relationship with politicians of all parties and for their willingness to highlight religious freedom violations.

November 12:  Pray for the safety of journalists with whom CSW works worldwide, especially those at risk. Pray for guidance and wisdom in establishing new relationships in the media.

November 13:  Please pray for God’s protection over human rights lawyers who are put at risk by representing sensitive cases. Dear God, we pray for Your blessing and protection upon all CSW partners around the world.

November 14:  Ask God to give churches around the world many opportunities to contribute positively in their societies, especially in countries being ruled by repressive regimes. Pray for Christians to be God’s hands and feet to a hurting world.

November 15:  Pray for the global Church that God would bring strength and comfort to the parts of His Church facing oppression. Please pray for children who are caught up in religious conflict and protection of their families.

November 16:  In recent years religious freedom violations in Mexico have been on the rise. In 2014, more priests were murdered or disappeared than in any other country in the world. Pray for religious leaders who have spoken out about the religious freedom violations they face, often risking arrest.

November 17: Pray local authorities in Mexico would uphold religious freedom so each community can celebrate its own religious festivals, and no one is forced to take part against their will.

November 18:  In some parts of Mexico, Christians are threatened and sometimes killed by criminal groups demanding total support and cooperation. Churches are regularly targeted for extortion and attempts at money laundering. Pray for those who refuse to work with these groups.

November 19:  Pray for harmony and reconciliation among the various Christian denominations in Mexico as they face increasing religious freedom violations.

November 20:  Pray for Christians in Mexico, who often have their rights violated. They have received death threats and been evicted from their villages after refusing to renounce their faith.

November 21:  Pray for strength and protection of children caught up in religious conflict in Mexico. Pray for the children whose education has been hampered as they have been excluded from school.

November 22:  Please pray for the international community to hold Mexico to the international agreements it has signed. Pray the Mexican government would protect religious freedom.

November 23:  Pray for CSW as it documents and highlights religious freedom violations in Mexico. Pray for peaceful solutions to conflicts between indigenous communities and religious minorities.

November 24: Pray for respect and cooperation between members of majority and minority religious groups at every level in Mexico. Dear Lord, we pray for Your wisdom and guidance upon Your servants to do Your will.

November 25: Thank you God for the blessing of being able to worship in peace in the U.S. Help us to be ever grateful for our freedom to worship and never take it for granted. Dear Lord, strengthen our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ when their hope waivers.

November 26:  We praise you God, on this day of Thanksgiving. Thank you for Your provision and constant, loving care. Thank you for the privilege we have to lift up our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ through prayer.

November 27:  "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." Colossians 3:17

November 28:  Loving God, we thank You that we can find refuge in You, even if we are forsaken by our friends, family and/or society. We pray for those who have fled their homes and countries because of religious persecution. Please shield them from harm and be their stronghold.

November 29:  Spend a moment today thanking God for the safety and security with which He has blessed you. Dear Lord, please show us ways we can stand in solidarity with those who are living in fear for their lives because of their faith in You.

November 30:  Gracious Lord, give courage to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering persecution. Lord, we ask that You would continue to enable them by Your Holy Spirit, to persevere in the midst of danger and oppression.