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APRIL 2015

April 1: Almighty God, we pray for protection of all Christians around the world this Easter, when they may face greater threats. We especially pray for persecuted Christians who worship in unregistered churches, house churches and in secret.

April 2: As we celebrate Easter, let us join together in remembrance of the persecuted Church in our prayers. Lord, as we rejoice this Easter, remembering all that You sacrificed for us, place in our hearts a renewed passion and energy for the Persecuted Church.

April 3: Please pray for protection against attacks on churches over the Easter weekend. Pray for the Good News of the Gospel to spread to every person. May they have an opportunity to hear and understand the love of Jesus, His death & resurrection, and the Good News of salvation provided for everyone.

April 4: Thank God for the living hope we have through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pray for comfort to those who have lost loved ones because of religiously-motivated violence.

April 5: Hallelujah! He is Risen! Love’s redeeming work is done. Jesus triumphed over death to give hope and new life. Praise God! Easter is a time of heightened tension for many Christians as they face an increased risk of being beaten, harassed or arrested. Please pray for their safety.

April 6: Pray for CSW’s work in Peru which is dedicated to helping victims in their pursuit for justice. Ask God to powerfully intervene to bring justice and healing to suffering families and communities.

April 7: Christians in the Andean highlands of Peru have suffered persecution at the hands of guerrilla groups and the military. Pray for our partner organization, Peace and Hope, who offer victims and their families’ legal, psychological and spiritual support.

April 8: The militantly atheist Shining Path guerrillas considered Christians, especially church leaders, to be enemies of the revolution. Pray those in Peru who committed human rights atrocities would stop and take responsibility for their actions.

April 9: The military in Peru, sent to fight the Shining Path, used many of the same tactics against the civilian population as the terrorist group. Pray for healing and strength for the families of the victims.

April 10: Pray for Christians in Peru who have often been targeted by both guerrilla groups and the military. Some were forcibly disappeared or put in prison on trumped up charges. Entire Christian villages suffered horrific massacres.

April 11: The Shining Path massacred entire communities of Christians in Peru and torched churches as part of its mission to eradicate religion. Pray for those seeking justice and knowledge of the fate of their disappeared loved ones.

April 12: Pray for Christian human rights groups who are at the forefront of the struggle for justice in Peru. Many are the recipients of harassment and death threats.

April 13: Pray for the families of victims of forced disappearances in Peru. Dear God, we pray for the safe return of their loved ones. Pray all those responsible for the 1984 massacre in Putis are brought to justice.

April 14: Pray God would raise leaders of integrity in Peru. Pray these men and women would commit to creating a democratic, just and prosperous Peru.

April 15: All powerful God, we lift up to You the nation of China. We pray the Chinese government would uphold and protect religious freedom so our brothers and sisters in Christ can freely worship You.

April 16: Pray for Christians in China, as the situation has grown increasingly difficult with the crackdown on human rights. Church leaders across China say there’s growing alarm at the way Christians are being treated.

April 17: Pray for Christians in Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia as they continue to practice their faith despite the resistance they face from government officials.

April 18: There’s a campaign to repress Christianity in China, which has grown so rapidly as to alarm the atheist Communist government. Pray for Christian communities, which are seeing the sharp intervention of senior officials.

April 19: Pray for the Church in China, which has seen dramatic growth recently. Christians' loyalty to God above all else, has alarmed authorities. There’s a tightening of ideological controls and more restrictions on journalists and human rights lawyers since President Xi Jinping took office in 2013.

April 20: The recent wave of church demolitions and removal of religious symbols in Zhejiang Province, China, highlights tensions between churches and authorities. Pray for the congregations that have lost their church.

April 21: Pray for safety of remaining churches in Zheijang Province, China, where many churches were demolished in the past year. At least 250 religious symbols were removed or destroyed.

April 22: Pray for protection of Christian lawyers in China, whose faith inspires them to stand up for the rights of others. They are at risk of arrest, torture, forced labor and long-term imprisonment.

April 23: Please pray for CSW’s work, to bring the truth about religious freedom in China to light. Give thanks for the growth of the Chinese Church and pray for blessings in 2015.

April 24: Pray for strength and encouragement for Alimujiang Yimiti, a Uyghur Christian serving a 15-year prison sentence in China because of his faith. Pray for his health and release, and comfort for his wife, Guliner and their two sons.

April 25: Pray for Pastor Zhang Shaojie of Nanle County Church in China, sentenced to 12 years in prison after his church petitioned higher authorities about a land dispute involving the church.

April 26: Pray for wisdom and strength for Church leaders in China, who are coming under increasing pressure to join the state-sanctioned church.

April 27: Please pray for emotional, physical and mental healing for the Christian lawyer Gao Zhisheng, who was released from prison in August 2014. Gao was imprisoned since 2006, targeted for defending Christians and other religious minorities.

April 28: Pray Gao Zhisheng can travel to the US for medical treatment. Despite obvious and immediate needs for medical care, Gao has not seen a doctor. His wife lives in the US with their two children.

April 29:Pray for health and provision for the recently released Chinese Christian lawyer, Gao Zhisheng. He’s under heavy surveillance, his law firm was shut down and his lawyer’s license revoked. Pray for comfort and strength for Gao, his wife, Geng He and their children.

April 30: Pray for CSW’s East Asia advocacy team to have wisdom as it seeks new ways to engage with the Chinese government on religious freedom issues.