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September 1:  North Korea is a byword for brutality. Please pray for spiritual revival in this East Asian nation which is run by an incredibly repressive regime. It is known as one of the worst places in the world to be a Christian.

September 2:  North Korea is a country run as a personality cult. Any deviation from expected norms, such as Christianity, is punishable by anything up to execution by firing squad. Owning a Bible is enough to get you killed. Pray God sets this oppressive country free.

September 3:  Praise God for the establishment of a new UN Human Rights Office in Seoul, South Korea, which will focus on the human rights situation in North Korea. Pray one day the walls will come down and the people of North Korea will be declared free.

September 4:  Pray North Korea would be referred to the International Criminal Court so that the regime can be brought to justice.

September 5:  Thank God for the groundbreaking report by the UN Commission of Inquiry investigating human rights in North Korea. The report compared the present day situation to the Holocaust, urging strong action be taken for millions suffering in North Korea.

September 6:  Lord, we pray the strongly-worded report by the UN Commission of Inquiry on North Korea would be widely read by politicians and other decision makers. We pray that its recommendations will be implemented.

September 7: Pray that China would end its policy of forcibly repatriating North Korean refugees. Ask God to protect and heal North Koreans who have managed to flee the horrors of their homeland.

September 8:  Please pray for CSW’s work with governments who are committed to the cause of religious freedom. Pray God would rise up more men and women who will champion the cause of truth and righteousness at all levels of government around the world.

September 9:  Thank God for the committed support of some Latin American governments to religious freedom. Pray they continue to be bold in speaking out against intolerant regimes.

September 10:  Some Latin American countries have been staunch supporters of religious freedom in recent years, Brazil and Uruguay in particular. Thank God for CSW’s recent visit to Brazil to meet high-ranking politicians and decision-makers.

September 11:  Please pray for those who work tirelessly to write detailed reports and recommendations for religious freedom in Latin America. Pray their work shines the light of truth and justice into dark places.

September 12:  Pray God opens more doors for CSW to work closely with Latin American governments in the future so we can stand together for religious freedom around the world.

September 13:  Pray for CSW’s work in Latin America, where Christians often have their rights systematically violated. One of the main challenges is to raise international awareness of what’s happening there.

September 14:  Pray for Christians in Latin America who often find themselves the religious minority and are pressured to take part in religious celebrations with the majority.

September 15:  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to move upon China. In many ways, today’s China is very different from a generation ago. Depending on which part of the vast country they live in, Christians may live in relative freedom or face grueling oppression.

September 16:  Dear Lord, please embolden Your children in China. Protect them as You give them strength and guidance. Comfort those living in fear and intimidation. Give church leaders courage as they serve Your Church.

September 17: There are reports from China of government’s increasing pressure on Christians and Christian activities. Ask God to give supernatural strength and the peace that passes all understanding to Christians living in fear.

September 18:  Pray for CSW and over 45 other organizations from China, Hong Kong and around the world, calling on Chinese authorities to stop the illegal detention of 100s of lawyers and citizens, and to release those still being held.

September 19:  CSW recently reported the detention, interrogation and disappearance of over 265 human rights lawyers, activists, their families and staff in China. Please pray for those who remain in some form of detention or have been forcibly disappeared.

September 20:  In light of recent spate of detentions and disappearances across China since July, pray Chinese government releases all lawyers, activists, associates and family members still in detention or held incommunicado. Pray those released are not subject to further restrictions on their rights and freedoms.

September 21:  Pray the international community continues its concern for human rights lawyers and citizens in China. Please pray for the organizations that signed a statement issued in July in Hong Kong by the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group.

September 22:  Pray for the safety of many lawyers who are being held incommunicado in China. The wife of Christian lawyer, Li Heping, was summoned and questioned for five hours after appealing for information on her husband's whereabouts. Li Heping is among many taken away by police in July and not seen since.

September 23:  CSW joins with over 45 organizations around the world calling on the Chinese authorities to release the lawyers, activists and other citizens still in detention. Human rights lawyers in China defend victims of rights abuses and injustices at great risk to themselves. Pray for their safe return home.

September 24: Please pray for Chinese Christian human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng. He spent years in prison for his work defending the rights of Christians and other minorities. On one occasion, he was tortured continuously for 48 hours. Ask God to heal him emotionally and spiritually.

September 25: Pray for the Chinese authorities to guarantee Gao Zhisheng’s rights as a free citizen in accordance with the law. Pray Gao will now be free to travel, access medical care and return to his work as a lawyer.

September 26:  Pray for Gao Zhisheng’s wife and children living in the United States. Pray his example of faith would inspire Christians in China who are facing increasing oppression from the government.

September 27:  Pray for the Chinese government to acknowledge Christianity and allow Christians to be a positive part of the harmonious society it aims to build.

September 28:  Please pray for comfort and strength to the suffering, persecuted believers in China. Pray the hearts of oppressors are miraculously changed, and they come to know the grace, mercy and love of God.

September 29:  Pray China would stop forcing North Korean refugees to return to North Korea and would allow them safe passage to a third country.

September 30:  Pray we see miracles for China’s Christians as a result of the prayers being lifted up. Dear Lord, put compassion into the hearts of those in authority in China, so they will be moved to act when they hear of injustice.