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October 1:  Pakistan is a country in turmoil. The spread of religious extremism has led to almost daily acts of terror targeting Christians. Please pray for CSW’s partners in Pakistan, who face danger while bravely fighting for religious freedom.

October 2:  Pray for the Holy Spirit to calm the atmosphere of hatred in Pakistan and bring peace between religious communities. The situation facing Christians is worse than it’s ever been. Seeds of hate are sown throughout Pakistani society, and the environment is ripe for attacks on Christians.

October 3:  Pray for peace in Pakistan. Years of religious leaders teaching hatred towards Christians in schools and through the media has created a society that is seething with tension and fear. The threat of violence is ever present for the Christian community.

October 4:  Pray for all those who preach hatred against Christians in Pakistan to have a change of heart. Ask God to give wisdom to CSW’s advocates as they develop new ways to tackle hate speech in Pakistan.

October 5:  Pray God brings an end to hatred against Christians in Pakistan. Pray Pakistani government takes steps to ensure that hate speech in social media is discouraged and the perpetrators brought to justice.

October 6:  Pray for the development of curriculum at schools and colleges in Pakistan to promote a culture of religious tolerance. Pray the project to provide unbiased textbooks to school would grow quickly and any opposition would fail.

October 7:  Pray for CSW’s partners in Pakistan who are working directly with religious leaders to help change society at a grassroots level. Pray religious leaders would be moved to preach peace rather than hatred.

October 8:  Thank God for the promises made by Pakistan’s Prime Minister to protect religious minorities. Pray the government would set up a National Council for minorities which will monitor and safeguard the rights of Christians.

October 9:  Pray for safety and strength for Christians in Pakistan who are subject to recurrent discrimination and harassment, as well as acts of religiously motivated violence at the hands of militant groups.

October 10:  In 2014, Pakistan’s Supreme Court ruled that President Nawaz Sharif’s government should set up a framework to protect religious minorities. The government hasn’t done this yet, resulting in Pakistan’s Christians suffering daily. Pray for these protections to be set up soon.

October 11:  Praise God for the recognition by the Supreme Court in Pakistan that religious minorities need official protection. Pray the government would comply with the ruling and take concrete steps to put a protection mechanism in place.

October 12:  Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide government discussions in Pakistan as they review the blasphemy laws. Pray for justice, freedom and peace at the heart of all decision-making, and for the international community to support them.

October 13:  Thank God for Michelle Chaudhry, one of CSW’s partners, who campaigns tirelessly for religious freedom in Pakistan. Pray for her work with Christian and Muslim children to ensure they don’t grow up hating each other.

October 14:  Thank God for the Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation in Pakistan. Pray for Michelle Chaudhry’s work running inter-faith initiatives to build relationships between Christian and Muslim neighbors.

October 15:  In March, two churches were bombed in Lahore, Pakistan, killing 19 and injuring 70. Little effort has been made to find the perpetrators of the bombing. Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort victim’s families and bring healing to the injured.

October 16:  Sudan’s government announced in April 2013 that no new church licenses would be issued. This reinforces President Omar al-Bashir’s repeated calls for a “100% Islamic Sudan.” Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring spiritual revival to Sudan.

October 17:  Pray for Pastors in Sudan trying to lead and encourage their congregations in these difficult times. Dear God, protect Your children as they face increased trials and persecution for their faith in You.

October 18:  Pray the threats against churches and church leaders in Sudan would stop. Almighty God, guide and protect Your Church as it stands as a beacon of light in the darkness.

October 19:  Please pray for Rev. Yat Michael and Rev. Peter Reith, the South Sudanese clergymen who were on trial in Khartoum. Rev. Yat was arrested after speaking at a church which has been embroiled in a land dispute. Rev. Peter was arrested after writing a letter asking where and why Rev. Yat was being detained.

October 20:  Since Rev. Michael and Rev. Reith’s release from prison on Aug. 5, they have been prevented from leaving Sudan. Pray for their lawyers as they petition for the travel ban to be lifted.

October 21:  Ask God to comfort, strengthen and provide for Rev. Yat Michael, Rev. Peter Reith and their families during this difficult time.

October 22:  Please pray for interventions with the Sudanese presidency from members of the international community to ensure the travel ban is lifted for Rev. Yat and Rev. Peter and their families, so they can safely leave Sudan.

October 23:  The campaign of repression in Sudan is increasing, with Christians being arrested and confiscation of property occurring. Pray for protection and strength upon Christians as reports cite a media campaign warning against “Christianization.”

October 24:  Pray for Sudan to uphold its constitutional guarantees for freedom of religion or belief and its responsibility to promote and protect this right under international law, in order to preserve Sudan's pluralism and diversity.

October 25:  Pray Christians and Muslims in Sudan would find ways of living together peacefully. Dear Lord, bring an end to all violence, persecution and intimidation of Your children.

October 26:  Thank God for the incredible, inspiring faith shown by Christians under fire in Sudan, including Meriam, who last year refused to renounce her faith even to save her life.

October 27:  Pray advocacy and prayer would result in a Sudan where all its citizens are recognized as equal before the law, and everyone is free to hold and practice their beliefs.

October 28:  Pray for church leaders in Sudan to have wisdom and fortitude as they lead their flocks under a hostile government. Loving God, please protect them and refresh their spirits.

October 29:  Please pray for laws to be passed in Sudan which would bring religious freedom to all. Pray for a multi-cultural, multi-religious vision of Sudan to triumph over hatred and division.

October 30:  O Lord, we pray for Your Church in Sudan to prosper and be a source of light and hope, especially to the many Sudanese who have been displaced from their homes due to conflict.

October 31: Please pray for the Church in Sudan as it faces the spike in religious repression. Pray for the Sudanese government to end its campaign of harassment against the Christian community and to respect the right of freedom of religion or belief for all of its citizens.