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October 1:  Please pray for Colombia, which has been torn apart by civil war between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the National Liberation Army (ELN), paramilitary groups and government forces for over 50 years.

October 2:  Pray for CSW’s work in Colombia, training local activists to advocate effectively for freedom of religion. Pray God moves in mighty ways to bring religious freedom to the Persecuted Church in Colombia.

October 3:  Pray for Christians in Colombia who are being relentlessly persecuted for their faith. Lord, give them strength and courage to stand up against intimidation and/or torture. Please help them to have a spirit of forgiveness for those who persecute them.

October 4:  Dear God, bring peace to the nation of Colombia. We pray for the Colombian government to bring an end to the violence and stop those who seek to harm Christians.

October 5:  Praise God for the bi-lateral ceasefire agreement announced in June between the government of Colombia and the FARC, which includes a plan for the demobilization of FARC guerrillas. Pray the peace agreement paves the way for true peace in Colombia after decades of violent civil war.

October 6:  Lord, we are so thankful for the peace agreement declared in Colombia between the government and FARC, a leftist guerrilla group that controls much of the country. We pray this agreement marks a new era of peace for Colombia.

October 7:  The civil war in Colombia has left millions of victims over decades of conflict. Pray the Colombian government pursues effective policies to address all those responsible for ongoing human rights violations, including violations of freedom of religion or belief.

October 8:  Pray for families of 100's of church leaders in Colombia who were victims of targeted assassinations since 2000. Pray the truth and reconciliation process built into the peace agreement will bring clarity to 1,000s of open cases of murder and forced disappearance.

October 9:  Colombian Christians have often been violently attacked by FARC. It has been responsible for atrociously violating the right of religious freedom in Colombia, regularly targeting churches and their leaders, and restricting people’s right to worship freely. Pray for healing and lasting peace in Colombia.

October 10:  Pray for safety of Rev. Milton Mejía, Rev. Jairo Barriga and church elder Germán Zárate from the Colombian Presbyterian Church, whose names were on a death threat issued by FARC.

October 11:  Religious leaders are often forcibly disappeared when they don’t cooperate with the armed groups that run large parts of the country. Please pray for their safety.

October 12: Christians in Colombia are often intimidated and have their rights systematically violated. Please pray for the safety of young men who are forced to fight despite their religious objections.

October 13:  Pray for Christians who have lost loved ones to violence in Colombia that they would be able to forgive the attackers and find comfort in God. Pray for peace upon those struggling with the effects of trauma they’ve experienced.

October 14:  Pray for the families of Colombian pastors who have been killed by armed groups or disappeared at their hands. Dear Lord, please protect all pastors who are vulnerable to being kidnapped. Shield them from threat, harassment and danger.

October 15:  Pray oppressive regimes around the world will stop the practice of disappearing people who criticize them. Pray for wisdom and safety for UN officials investigating those who have been disappeared.

October 16:  Forced disappearance is one of the most tragic ways in which someone can be targeted for their beliefs. Pray for their safe return home and for their families, who are kept in suspense for months or even years.

October 17:  Lord, we pray for all those who have been forcibly disappeared. Though they have vanished from the eyes of the world, they are known to You. We pray for their protection and safe return to their families.

October 18:  Justice can seem very far away for Christians around the world. Many Christians live in countries where their government is either indifferent or actively hostile to them. Pray for peace and the joy of the Lord to dwell in their hearts.

October 19:  Pray God will encourage and strengthen Christians who desperately need His peace in the face of danger and harassment every day.

October 20:  Please pray for Christians who have no safe place to worship because their government has closed or demolished their church. Pray for peace in areas controlled by or under threat from Daesh (Islamic State).

October 21:  Pray for justice for Christians imprisoned on charges of blasphemy, which is often used to discredit them with little evidence. In many countries it often carries the death penalty. "But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!" (Amos 5:24)

October 22:  Pray for imprisoned persecuted Christians awaiting verdicts or reprieves in their cases that God would ensure justice prevails. He is a God of peace who watches over His people.

October 23:  Pray for millions around the world forced to leave their homes because of their faith. Houses have been destroyed. Many are threatened with violence or death threats against them and/or their families.

October 24:  Torture is a horrific violation of human rights which we often see when religious freedom is violated. Pray for God’s healing and peace in torture rehabilitation centers throughout the world.

October 25:  Thank God for organizations which work tirelessly against the use of torture and religious freedom violations. Pray perpetrators would be fully investigated and brought to justice.

October 26:  Thank God for justice, after 30 years, for the victims of the Callqui killings in Peru. Six Christian men were massacred by the military in 1984. Peru's National Criminal Court admitted the state was responsible for this crime and has sentenced two of the attackers.

October 27:  Pray God would bring justice to victims and an end to the violence being committed by Daesh (Islamic State). Pray for peace, hope and safety to return to every nation affected by extremist violence.

October 28:  Dear Lord, please help CSW to develop strong, new relationships with churches in every nation. Thank God for CSW’s international partners and contacts. Pray for His protection over them as they continue to work for justice in their local governments.

October 29:  In many countries, Christians live under a government that is either indifferent or actively hostile to them.Pray for CSW’s leadership as they develop advocacy partnerships in these countries. Lord, guide Your servants to bring justice for Your glory.

October 30:  Ask God to comfort imprisoned persecuted Christians and encourage them. Thank God for those who write notes of encouragement to those in prison for their faith.

October 31:  Please pray God would rise up more men and women to champion the cause of truth, justice and righteousness at all levels of government around the world.