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June 2016

June 1: Please pray for the nation of Sudan. When South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011, it was hoped it would end years of ethnic and religiously-motivated strife, but the government continues to crack down on Christians.

June 2: Pray for peace to come to the nation of Sudan. Pray the Sudanese government would respect freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

June 3: In 2013, Sudan's government announced that no new church licenses would be issued. This reinforced President Omar al-Bashir’s calls for a "100% Islamic Sudan." Pray the Holy Spirit brings spiritual revival to Sudan.

June 4: Christians in Sudan are under threat from a government that wants to be "100% Islamic" and launched a crackdown on Christians. Churches have been destroyed, and Christians harassed. Almighty God, strengthen and protect Your Church in Sudan.

June 5: CSW is deeply concerned by the pattern of arrests and detentions of religious leaders and church members in Sudan. It exemplifies the significant and continuing harassment of Christians. Pray the Sudanese authorities comply with International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

June 6: Pray for spiritual strength for the congregations of churches in Sudan which have been closed down or demolished. Ask God to provide a safe place for them to meet, as the government no longer permits the construction of new churches.

June 7: Please pray for the congregation of the Sudanese Lutheran Church to find somewhere safe to worship. Its church was bulldozed by the government with only one day’s notice.

June 8: Pray God would give courage and strength to Christians in Sudan whose churches were destroyed and provide the ability and boldness to still meet together.

June 9: Thank God for justice in the case of Sudanese pastors Rev. Yat Michael and Rev. Peter Reith, who were released following their unjust imprisonment.

June 10: Pray for Christians in Sudan facing harassment, intimidation and violence. Pray for Christians and Muslims to find ways of living together peacefully.

June 11: Since 2012, there has been an increase in arrests, detentions and deportations of Christians and of those suspected of having links to them. Pray for protection over Christians in Sudan.

June 12: Please pray for religious freedom laws to be passed in Sudan. Pray that a multi-cultural, multi-religious vision of Sudan would triumph over a restrictive, singular vision.

June 13: Pray for church leaders and pastors in Sudan to have wisdom and fortitude as they lead their flocks under a hostile government.  Dear God, protect them and refresh their spirits.

June 14: Pray for Christians in Sudan, where living their faith comes at a heavy price. Christianity is often not recognized as an official religion, causing Christians to be seen as outside of the law and outside of society.

June 15: Pray for protection and strength upon Christians in Sudan as a media campaign warns against "Christianization." Christians are being arrested and detained, and confiscation of property such as cell phones, identity cards and laptops is occurring.

June 16: Please pray for North Korea, known as the worlds most closed, isolated and repressive state with one of the worst records for human rights. It is ruled by the only dictatorship in the world which is both a dynasty and also portrays itself as a deity.

June 17: The totalitarian governing structure in North Korea denies rights to its people. Its unchecked power is strongly entrenched throughout the whole country. Dear God, we pray for Your power to defeat Satan's evil grip upon North Korea.

June 18: Pray that North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, and most of the past and present senior leaders to be individually culpable for atrocious acts committed against humanity.

June 19: The UN Commission of Inquiry on human rights in North Korea found the gravity, scale and nature of human rights violations in North Korea has no parallel in the contemporary world. Pray for international attention to be drawn to the crimes against humanity in North Korea.

June 20: In his March report to the UN Human Rights Council, the Special Reporter on the situation of human rights in North Korea, Marzuki Darusman, said repression continues unabated and efforts to hold the ruling regime to account must continue. Pray for justice and freedom for the victims.

June 21: Pray for the United Nations acts upon Special Reporter, Marzuki Darusman's findings and recommendations. The time for action to address North Korea's human rights crisis is long overdue.

June 22: Pray for the international community to ensure that accountability for crimes against humanity must be part of any peace plan for the Korean peninsula.

June 23: Please pray for Christians in North Korea, where living their faith puts them at risk of danger. Pray for the Holy Spirit to embolden and encourage our brave brothers and sisters in Christ.

June 24: Pray the international community continues to investigate the horrific human rights abuses in North Korea. Pray for continued international scrutiny and the    establishment of a group of experts to study future accountability measures.

June 25: Human rights in North Korea remain among the worst in the world. There is no freedom of religion, and Christians are often tortured, imprisoned and murdered. Pray for the thousands held in prison camps with no hope of release.

June 26: Almighty God, bring courage and peace to the hearts of thousands suffering in prison camps in North Korea. May Your love surround them as they endure horrific conditions.

June 27: Please pray for the rescue and freedom of more than 200,000 men, women and children imprisoned in North Korea’s political prison camps. Children are not only sent to these camps but are born there and remain there.

June 28: Pray for Christians in North Korea who face daily terror for their faith. Three generations of a family are sent to the political prison camps if one member is accused of a "crime." Crimes include believing in God, not showing respect to Dear Leader Kim Jong Un, or repeatedly trying to flee the country.

June 29: Pray for Christians in North Korea who are hiding from the authorities. If found they will likely to be sent to a prison camp. Between 400,000 and one million people have died in these political prison camps where prisoners are worked and starved to death.

June 30: Please pray for Christians facing public execution or taken away to prison camps in North Korea. Pray for their cry for freedom to be heard around the world and that one day soon we will see the end of this cruel, brutal regime in North Korea.