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February 2015

February 1:  All powerful God, we pray for the nation of North Korea. Its regime is under greater pressure to account for its extensive human rights violations. We pray for hearts to be softened and changed among those in authority that carry out horrible atrocities.

February 2:  North Korea is the world’s most closed nation with one of the worst human rights crises. The regime arguably violates every article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in powerful ways across North Korea.

February 3:  Praise God for the recent vote by the UN General Assembly, recommending the Security Council refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court (ICC).  Pray the international community would have the courage to refer cases to the International Criminal Court.

February 4:  The UN Commission of Inquiry’s recent report concluded the North Korean regime is committing a wide array of crimes against humanity, including violations of freedom of religion and extreme persecution of Christians. Pray for North Korea’s human rights crisis.

February 5:  Pray for more international action to break North Korea’s information blockade and bring a flood of information from the outside world.

February 6:  Pray the BBC World Service would respond positively to increasing calls for the establishment of a BBC Korean radio service to broadcast to the Korean peninsula.

February 7:  Pray for China to stop its policy of forcible repatriation of North Korean refugees. Pray for refugees who have escaped North Korea but are still in danger on the border of China to find a safe place to live and for their needs to be met.

February 8:  Pray for courageous Christians in North Korea, worshipping in secret despite grave risk.  Loving God, we pray for Your Church in North Korea. Protect it as it stands in faith so the minds and hearts of its oppressors can be opened to see Your love.

February 9:  Pray God would work a miracle in the hearts of Kim Jong Un and all North Korean leadership to bring complete transformation to the cruel regime in North Korea.

February 10:  Please pray for North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, to be moved by God to end human rights violation upon his people. Pray for a real opportunity for the North Korean people to be set free from the cruelty and poverty that is a daily reality.

February 11:  The North Korean government arrests not only a suspected dissident but also three generations of their family, to root out the “bad” influence. Almighty God, we pray for liberation of the North Korean people. Bring an end to the terrible suffering in this nation.

February 12:  Pray for North Korean guards in prisons and labor camps to be filled with God’s love and compassion for the prisoners and turn away from inflicting torture and brutality on them.

February 13:  Please pray for prisoners in North Korean labor camps who are forced to watch executions. Pray for their hearts and minds to be healed of the trauma they have endured. Bring comfort and rescue to those suffering under this brutal regime.

February 14:  Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of the Gospel to non-Christians in North Korea. Please pray they would not be brainwashed by the regime’s negative propaganda about Christianity.

February 15:  Please pray for the nation of Mexico. Religious freedom violations are on the rise all across Mexico, with regular occurrences in some areas, ranging from school exclusion, to violence and forced displacement.

February 16:  Pray for government officials in Mexico to proactively uphold religious freedom in areas where violations commonly occur. Pray for an end to impunity and corruption.

February 17:  Ask God to change the hearts of local leaders in Mexico who seek to impose one religion on their community and persecute those of other faiths.

February 18:  Pray for encouragement and provision for victims of religious freedom violations in Mexico, especially those who have been forcibly displaced and have lost everything.

February 19:  Thank God for organizations like Impulso 18, which are working to raise awareness of the religious freedom violations in Mexico. Pray for safety and God’s wisdom.

February 20:  Thank God for the recent national conference on religious freedom in Mexico, organized by CSW and our partners, Impulso 18. Pray it would have a powerful, long-lasting impact.

February 21:  Ask God to protect Christians in Mexico who are living under threat of violence because of their faith. They endure water and electricity being cut off. Their children are blocked from attending school and often face violent attacks and eviction from their villages.

February 22:  Pray community leaders and government officials in Mexico would intervene to ensure that the right to an education is respected for all children, regardless of their faith.

February 23:  Please pray for the leaders of criminal groups in Mexico, that God would work in their hearts and minds to bring them to repentance.

February 24:  Pray for the Holy Spirit to move among the criminal groups who attack religious leaders. Ask God to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and for a powerful transformation in Mexican society.

February 25:  Pray for God’s protection upon Mexican church leaders and their families, who are under threat from illegal criminal groups. Give them wisdom and discernment as they lead under difficult, dangerous conditions.

February 26:  Pray for Mexican church leaders working in areas where powerful criminal groups are present. Pray for their safety and wisdom when they are forced to make difficult decisions.

February 27:  Please pray that Christians in Mexico who have been forced out of their villages because of their faith would be allowed to return home safely.  Ask God to bring harmony and reconciliation in communities divided by tensions between different religious groups.

February 28:  Pray for the Mexican government to take action to protect religious freedom and bring an end to impunity for those who commit criminal acts targeting religious minorities.