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February 1:  Please pray for Colombia. It has one of the highest rates of disappearances and killings in the world. In the past few years alone, hundreds of church leaders have been assassinated.

February 2:  Pray for Colombia as it continues to face violence at the hands of paramilitaries and illegal armed groups. Christians often get caught in the crossfire while serving their communities. Lord, we pray for Your protection upon Your children as they serve You amidst danger.

February 3:  Pray for churches, church leaders and new Christians in Colombia who are regular targets for violence. Christians face religious conformity forced upon them or a worse fate of imprisonment, death, or extradition.

February 4:  In September we saw a massive answer to prayer in Colombia when the government and the leftist rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), announced that they will sign a peace agreement in March 2016. This was a huge breakthrough for Colombia, a country which has been devastated by civil war for over 50 years.

February 5:  Praise God for the announcement that a peace agreement between the FARC rebels and the Colombian government will be signed.  Pray the final date for a peace deal will go ahead and that the FARC will follow through with their promise to put down their weapons.

February 6:  While we give thanks for the peace agreement announcement, we also have faith that God has more in store for Colombia. Pray other military criminal groups will follow suit and end their violence.

February 7:  Ask God for justice to be served for the victims of the long-running conflict in Colombia and new special tribunals that have been set up to put the perpetrators on trial.

February 8:  Thank God for the courageous Christians in Colombia. Pray the hope of Christ which dwells in their hearts will be a source of strength in the face of persecution.

February 9:  Pray for protection of churches and Pastors from persecution in Colombia. Pray God comforts those who     have already been subjected to violence and intimidation.

February 10:  Ask God to protect church leaders in Colombia who have received death threats because of their pastoral care for victims of human rights violations.

February 11:  The flood of violence and many decades of civil war in Colombia have impacted the Church deeply. Pray for the families of church leaders who have been assassinated because of their faith and for taking a stand against the rebels.

February 12: Lord, we pray for Your power and peace to be with our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ in Colombia. Walk hand-in-hand with them and fill the hearts of their persecutors with Your love.

February 13:  Pray for Eritrea, which has one of the world’s most repressive regimes, sometimes called the North Korea of Africa. In 2002 all churches were banned with the exception of three approved denominations.

February 14:  In 2014, the UN Human Rights Council set up a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to investigate human rights in Eritrea. Its report identified widespread gross attacks on human rights, including violations of religious freedom. Pray for action to be taken on these violations.

February 15:  Pray for softened hearts in the Eritrean government toward the CoI report. Pray for action to be taken against the attacks on human rights and on religious freedom.

February 16:  CSW is committed to seeking justice for the people of Eritrea. Thank God for the Commission of Inquiry and the UN’s perseverance in bringing to light the violations of human rights in Eritrea.

February 17:  The UN's CoI report identified specific patterns of systematic human rights violations in Eritrea which keep the population in a “permanent state of anxiety.” Pray for witnesses who were brave enough to give testimony, even though it endangered them.

February 18:  The UN’s Commission of Inquiry report into human rights in Eritrea has raised hopes of international action to address the appalling suffering of Eritrean citizens. Pray for these hopes to be realized.

February 19:  Pray for all UN member states to support the CoI report and ensure that Eritrea acts on its recommendations and ends impunity by holding all those responsible for perpetrating crimes against humanity to account.

February 20:  Pray for refugees from Eritrea, many of whom are Christians, fleeing violent persecution in their home country. There is an estimated 5,000 refugees leaving each month. Pray CSW will have more opportunities to raise the profile of religious freedom, the lack of which is a major cause of the refugee crisis.

February 21:  Pray for peace throughout Eritrea. Pray for an end to the cruel and inhuman practice of imprisoning detainees in shipping containers in the desert.

February 22:  Thousands are fleeing Eritrea, trying to escape a regime that’s among the most despotic in the world. Pray for the estimated 2,000 Christians who are currently detained without charge or trial.

February 23:  Ask God to protect Eritreans who are forced to flee their homeland. Pray they would be kept safe from abusive people traffickers as they try to find safety in another country.

February 24:  CSW is privileged to work with the UN on many of its investigations into freedom of religion or belief. Pray for God to continue to work through the UN to promote the cause of religious freedom around the world.

February 25:  Thank God that CSW's work at the UN has brought significant changes to situations that seemed hopeless at the time. Pray for more opportunities to discuss religious freedom issues with those who have power to make a difference.

February 26:  Ask God to protect Christians who face harassment every day from governments who force them to choose between their citizenship and their faith. Pray CSW finds creative strategies for bringing religious freedom violations to the world’s attention.

February 27:  Pray for Christians who have survived persecution. They are in need of prayer as much as those currently enduring persecution. Long after an abusive arrest, an extended solitary, intensive interrogation, or incarceration in a volatile ward, Christians can continue to suffer.

February 28:  Please pray for emotional healing for all those who are suffering following persecution. Pray for their families and friends to have wisdom as they seek to love & care for survivors.

February 29:  Pray for Christians who have survived persecution. Once released, the trauma can linger with nightmares, flashbacks, and paranoia. Pray for those who endured physical or psychological torture to have new hope and vision for the future.