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JULY 2015

July 1: Please pray for the millions of Christians around the world who are unable to live their faith freely, without fear. We ask, O Lord, that You would give them courage and strength to triumph over the trials they face.

July 2: Pray for all those who bravely protest and risk their own safety as they pursue religious freedom and justice. May God guide them with His wisdom and bless their efforts for His glory.

July 3: Dear Lord, we pray for continued favor upon CSW with journalists so that the voices of the persecuted can be heard. We give thanks for journalists and media agencies that cover religious freedom issues, and ask God to continue His work through them.

July 4: Praise God for the freedom we still have in the United States to speak out against injustice and religious persecution. Dear Lord, please help us to make the most of every opportunity to use our voices to secure freedom for the voiceless.

July 5: Lord, we are so thankful to be able to attend church in peace and to have the freedom to worship You without fear. We pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ who do not have this freedom. Please encourage them in all their adversities and assure them of our prayers for them.

July 6: Almighty God, as we worship in freedom, we pray for those Christians who are imprisoned in lonely, solitary confinement and are unable to fellowship with other Christians. Be their comfort and strength.

July 7: Praise God for politicians and other decision-makers who support human rights. Thank God for the support of those who work with CSW to further religious freedom and end oppression.

July 8: Iran is notorious for its intolerance towards religious and ethnic minorities. Christians have repeatedly been intimidated, arrested and tortured because of their faith. Pray that Iranian Christians are able to find strength and comfort in their fellowship with each other.

July 9: There are increasing levels of anti-Christian hate speech from senior government officials in Iran. Pray the hate speech would not have its desired effect of inciting intolerance against Christians.

July 10: Many Iranian Christians are converts from Islam, and the state views them with particular suspicion. Pray for safety of new Christians in Iran as they grow deep in the Lord and in His Word.

July 11: Pray for Christian converts from Islam in Iran, who often risk not only social pressure and rejection by their families and communities, but also face increased pressure from the state.

July 12:  Ask God to comfort Pastor Behnam Irani, serving a six-year sentence on false national security charges. He has been beaten severely and regularly by prison authorities and other prisoners. Pray for God to bring an atmosphere of peace in that prison and move the hearts of prison guards to have mercy.

July 13: Pray Iran’s President Rouhani would fulfill his election promise to protect religious minorities. Pray God will influence his decisions.

July 14:  Dear Lord, soften the hearts of Iran’s political and religious leaders. Change their minds to allow the freedom to choose and change their religious beliefs without repercussions.

July 15: Please pray for the Church in Nigeria. Pray for church leaders to have wisdom and courage to comfort all those who have lost loved ones and who live in fear. Lord, bring justice and peace to this suffering nation.

July 16: Cry out to God for enduring peace in Nigeria and for Him to hold back the hands of those who seek to commit violence. Ask God to provide for over 3.3 million displaced Nigerians who have fled their homes due to Boko Haram violence.

July 17: Religion-related violence continues to tear apart northern Nigeria. Pray for the tens of thousands of people displaced and hundreds abducted by both the Islamist terror organization Boko Haram and well-armed herders.

July 18: Militant Islamist group Boko Haram says it will continue targeting churches in Nigeria until it establishes an Islamic state. Pray Boko Haram’s campaign of ethnic and religious cleansing in Nigeria would be brought to an end.

July 19:  Please pray that those who have been displaced by Boko Haram’s attacks would be able to safely return to their homes. Ask God to change the hearts of Boko Haram leaders, its offshoots and the herders, so that they embrace peace.

July 20: Pray CSW’s advocacy work with the UN and EU will help in shaping appropriate responses to events in Nigeria. Pray for peace and hope to reign in Nigeria and other places of conflict.

July 21: Pray God would open doors for CSW’s Africa and Middle East advocacy team as they meet influential decision-makers who have the power to make change. Ask for God’s mercy upon Nigeria and for wisdom for its political and community leaders.

July 22: Pray for safety of CSW-Nigeria, on the ground, visiting villages which have been attacked and offering practical support and spiritual solidarity to the victims.

July 23: Thank God for the incredible work done by CSW-Nigeria, often at great personal risk, to support victims of violence and build peace between communities. Pray for their protection.

July 24: Thank God that the March election in Nigeria took place in relative peace. Pray the incoming president and government adhere to democratic principles and combat the chronic religious marginalization in Nigeria's shari'a states.

July 25: Thank God for the progress made by the Nigerian army to drive back Boko Haram, and pray that these gains would continue until the group is defeated.

July 26: Dear God we pray for comfort and strengthen for the family of a pastor’s daughter in Nigeria who died when a mob torched a Baptist manse in early April. We pray for peace to come in Nigeria.

July 27: Please pray for the safe release of kidnapped victims of Boko Haram, including the Chibok girls whose abduction made headlines last year. Lord, protect them and comfort their families.

July 28: Praise God for brave Christian leaders in Nigeria who speak out with faith and courage in the face of death threats. Pray for the reconciliation work of CSW Nigeria to flourish.

July 29: O Lord, we pray for all the churches and families whose pastors and fathers have been murdered in Nigeria. We pray against army complicity in massacres of Christians. Dear God, block ruthless attacks by the extremist group, Boko Haram, which demands an Islamic Nigeria.

July 30: Pray for the safety of the Nigerian Security as they counter Boko Haram’s activities.Pray they would be sensitive to the needs of innocent civilians.

July 31: Please pray that all Nigerians would work together for the peaceful future of their nation regardless of creed, tribe or political affiliation. Lord, protect all those working for peace and religious freedom in Nigeria.