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JULY 2014

Photo: VOM

July 1:  Please pray for the nation of Sudan. When South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in July 2011, it was hoped the years of ethnic and religiously-motivated strife would end. The Sudan government continues to crack down on Christians.

July 2:  In 2011, the world celebrated the birth of its youngest nation, South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan. The situation for religious freedom in Sudan seems to be getting worse. Pray for wisdom and strength for pastors leading their congregations through these difficult times.

July 3: Christians and other minorities have faced continuing repression since South Sudan became an independent nation. Ask God to protect Christians facing increasing surveillance, harassment and detention.

July 4:  Please pray for Nahmia Ibrahim Omer Shaloka, a Sudanese lawyer and religious freedom advocate who fled Sudan in 2013 after months of pressure and harassment from the authorities.  Pray for protection over all Christians in Sudan who have been forced to flee.

July 5:  It is difficult for churches in Sudan to obtain permits to build new facilities, and confiscated church properties have not been returned. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement, signed in 2005, would solve many of these problems, but has not yet been fully implemented. Pray for peace and safety for Christians in Sudan.

July 6:  Pray the government of Sudan would respect freedom of religion and freedom of expression.  Pray for peace in particularly troubled areas such as South Kordofan, Darfur, and the disputed Abyei region, as well as South Sudan.

July 7:  Urgent prayer is needed for Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian. She was sentenced to death for ‘apostasy’ (leaving Islam), although she’s been a Christian all her life. She gave birth to a daughter, Maya, in prison on May 27. They remain incarcerated, along with 20 month old Martin.

July 8:  Please pray for Meriam Ibrahim’s lawyers in Sudan. On May 22, they lodged an appeal against the Public Order Court's decision to sentence Meriam to death by hanging for apostasy and 100 lashes for adultery after she refused to renounce her faith.

July 9:  Pray for the Sudanese authorities to annul the inhumane and unwarranted death sentence given to Meriam Ibrahim, and to release her and her children immediately. The charges against her violate her right to freedom of religion or belief, which is guaranteed under Sudan's interim constitution and in the covenants to which Sudan is party.

July 10:  Meriam Ibrahim’s case in Sudan has prompted an international outcry. Pray for the international community to hold Sudan to its international obligations and to provisions contained within its constitution.

July 11:  Pray for protection for Meriam, her newborn child and her 20 month old son in Sudan. Meriam’s life remains under threat as she waits for her appeal to be heard. Alleged family members are insisting she should be executed, and they will kill her if she is released.

July 12:  Pray God gives wisdom, courage and strength to Meriam and her children. Dear Lord, please keep Meriam, her newborn daughter, Maya, and her son, Martin, safe and healthy as they remain imprisoned.

July 13:  Pray for peace and strength for Meriam's husband, Daniel, who has been separated from his family.  Pray the death sentence would be revoked and Meriam and her children released from prison.

July 14:  Pray the truth of Meriam's religious background would be accepted by the courts in Sudan, and she would be treated compassinatley.

July 15:  Please pray for the nation of Iran. Pray for church leaders to be raised up and churches to be planted in this nation of 79 million people.

July 16:  Pray for enemies of the Church in Iran to be restrained.  The Church in Iran is growing faster than at any other time since the arrival of Islam in the 7th century. Pray for protection of Christians and all those fleeing the volatile unrest in the Middle East region.

July 17:  Pray for political, religious and judicial leaders in Iran to act justly and uphold the law for the good of all citizens. Pray for Christian prisoners in Iran to have fair, impartial trials, and for all judges to love justice and have mercy.

July 18:  Ask God to give wisdom to church leaders in Iran as they come under increasing state pressure. Pray for God’s protection and provision for the wives and families of arrested church leaders.

July 19:  Please pray for Pastor Behnam Irani, an Iranian church leader who has been seriously ill since his imprisonment for his faith in 2011.  Pastor Irani  had surgery recently for stomach and colon illness.

July 20:  Pray for Iranian Pastor Behnam Irani who was recently beaten in prison and transferred to an unknown location in the early hours of June 7. Pray for the authorities to make Pastor Irani's whereabouts known and to provide him with any medical treatment he may need.

July 21:  Dear Lord, we pray for Christians in Iran as they face increasing persecution. New Christians are at particular risk of being arbitrarily arrested and detained on false political charges.

July 22:  Ask God to enable Christians to take part fully in Iranian society despite the persecution they face. Pray God would change the hearts and minds of those who persecute religious and ethnic minorities in Iran.

July 23:  Please pray for house churches in Iran. Pray for protection from any detection by neighbors and infiltration by authorities.

July 24:  Pray for established Churches in Iran. They face many restrictions and must be wary.  Pastors must report to the Iranian government and their phones are tapped.

July 25:  Pray for The Church in Iran to have boldness in leadership. Dear Lord, give them courage and safety when dealing with seekers.  Pray for faith to conquer fear and for Christians to be a beacon of light for Christ.

July 26:  Pray for Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani; that God would influence the decisions he makes. Pray also for Iran’s Supreme Leader, who holds power to bring about change.

July 27:  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to lead Iran’s government leaders to Christ. Pray for thousands of regional leaders in Iran who impact Christians in their communities.

July 28:  Pray the plight of prisoners of conscience in Iran is not forgotten as the international community seeks to make progress on the nuclear question. Pray there will be a peaceful resolution to the nuclear issue.

July 29:  Ask God to give wisdom to the international community as it holds Iran to account on the treatment of Christians. Pray God will strengthen and protect Christians in prison because of their faith.

July 30:  Pray for families affected by arrests and interrogations in Iran. Pray for healing from the emotional and psychological impact these detentions have upon the whole family. Pray for protection of children caught in religious conflict in Iran.  Pray for families to stay strong and for entire households to be saved.

July 31:  Merciful God, we pray for healing and understanding of Truth in Jesus’ name to the ancient land of Iran. We pray for Your grace and love to bring about a powerful spiritual revival throughout Iran.