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September 1: Prayer is urgently needed for Christians in Iraq. Terrorists with the Islamic State, the group formerly known as ISIS, are forcing Christians in Iraq to convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or face execution.

September 2: Pray for Christians who are suffering and dying in Iraq. The terrorist group Islamic State is killing them, displacing them and seizing their properties. Now Iraq’s ancient Yazidi community is experiencing similar abuses.

September 3: The developments in Iraq are being described as "genocide." The Islamic State continues its march, imposing its brand of Islam on Christians and other minorities. Pray for our brave brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing great evil.

September 4: The religious persecution in Iraq has seen one of the most vibrant Middle East Christian communities almost wiped out. Christians are forced to convert, driven from their homes or murdered. Almighty God, we know You have not forgotten Your people. Bring deliverance and justice in Jesus’ name.

September 5: The capture of predominantly Christian villages and Qaraqoush, Iraq's largest Christian city, by ISIS terrorists sent tens of thousands fleeing from their homes.  Pray for those facing persecution and terror in Iraq to find safety under the shadow of God’s almighty wing.

September 6: Pray for Christians and all religious minorities in Iraq who are displaced from their homes and living in fear for their lives. This is a catastrophe for the people of Iraq and the region. If left unchecked, it could have profound implications for freedom and democracy across the globe.

September 7:  Loving God, please comfort and strengthen your suffering children in Iraq who are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus. Change the hearts of the terrorists who are causing this suffering, and open their eyes to see the truth of Your love.

September 8: O Lord, You have promised that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without Your knowledge. We pray all those who are being forced to seek refuge from persecution in Iraq may be assured of Your presence and protection over them.

September 9: Please pray for the Iraqi families separated because of terrorist persecution and violence. Dear Lord, fill their hearts with Your peace and courage and provide a way for them to be rescued and reunited.

September 10: Pray for church leaders in Iraq, where religiously motivated violence is tearing families and communities apart. Pray for pastors whose churches and villages have been devastated by violence. Dear God, show them how they can be part of Your solution.

September 11: Please pray for the children who are caught in the religious conflict and terror in Iraq. Pray for protection of their families and an end to the violence and genocide taking place.

September 12: Dear Lord, we lift up to You the men, women and children in Iraq who are suffering persecution, torture and violence because of their belief in Jesus. Please provide protection, strength and hope for the refugees.

September 13: Religious freedom is a fundamental right described as a ‘litmus test’ for the depth of democracy. Dear Lord, bring justice and religious freedom to Iraq. We pray for all of Iraq's Christians to be guaranteed a safe future in their country.

September 14: Islamist extremists are not only severely persecuting Christians but also violating the rights of all who do not share their restrictive dogma. Pray the international community unites and takes action to stem the advance of violence that uses religion to justify severe violations of fundamental freedoms and wanton disregard for human dignity.

September 15: Almighty God, we lift up the nation of Egypt into Your loving hands. Please protect and strengthen Your Church in Egypt against persecution, and remove obstacles that threaten faith in You.

September 16: Pray for Christian unity in Egypt, which has seen a tumultuous few years since the revolution in 2011. A landmark moment for unity in the Egyptian Church occurred that November, when 70,000 Christians from the various denominations met to pray together.

September 17: The Christian unity shown in 2011 has continued to hold the Church together in the midst of uncertainty in Egypt. In 2013, the Council for Egyptian Churches was formed to maintain that unity. Pray for strong, increased Christian unity in Egypt.

September 18: Since the overthrow of President Mubarak in 2011, Egypt has been in turmoil. The situation for Christians and other religious minorities has been extremely difficult, with attacks and arrests a common occurrence. Ask God to grant Egypt a future of religious freedom and peace.

September 19: Pray for the changing political situation in Egypt. In January 2014, Egyptians voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new constitution. Egypt’s former military chief, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was sworn in as President, vowing to lead the country through important changes.

September 20: Pray for Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections to be held by the end of 2014. Pray for a peaceful post-election period in Egypt and that the newly-elected leaders will work for the good of all Egyptian citizens, especially religious minorities.

September 21: Thank God for the adoption of a constitution in Egypt. Pray for the emergence of a government that will heal divisions and get the nation on its feet economically.

September 22: Pray for wisdom for the international community as it considers its role in helping Egypt toward a peaceful future characterized by equality of citizenship. Pray for peace in the troubled Sinai region amidst the rise of extremist Islamist groups.

September 23: Pray for an end to the continuous violence in Egypt, which has seen 1,000+ people killed and many more injured in clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces.

September 24: Pray for effective protection for Christian communities in Egypt during this turbulent time. Many Christians have suffered attacks and extortion by Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

September 25: Please pray for courage and protection to Christians in Egypt, enabling them to rebuild their lives after over 130 churches and homes, businesses and establishments were attacked and destroyed.

September 26:Ask God to give wisdom to Egypt’s political leaders. Pray for an expansion of religious protection and the implementation of clauses that outlaw discrimination.

September 27: We pray for the release of those detained for protesting peacefully in Egypt, and for the government to accommodate non-violent dissenting opinions.

September 28: Pray for CSW’s Middle East advocacy team as it responds to the changing landscape in Egypt. O Lord, give them wisdom to educate and advocate for religious freedom.

September 29: Pray for CSW’s advocacy work in Egypt to be an effective voice for the voiceless. Pray the international community will take action to speak up against religious violence.

September 30: Almighty God, we thank You for the faith, courage and determination of Egyptian believers. Protect and strengthen them as they take refuge in You.