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MAY 2016

May 1: Please pray for Pakistan. The suicide bomb attack in a Lahore park on Easter Sunday killed 74 people and injured more than 300. The people of Pakistan are united in their grief, but the situation in the country is very unstable.

May 2: Pray for the medical care provided to bombing survivors by several hospitals, including Jinnah Hospital in Lahore. There is urgent need for supplies like personal hygiene products and also for psychological care.

May 3: Pray for complete healing and for the survivors of the Lahore attack and their families. Pray for the long-term psychological effects of the attack to be addressed.

May 4: Dear God, watch over the families that were devastated by violence in Pakistan, especially where family members lost their lives and children became orphans.

May 5:Increasing violence against Christians has been a fact of life in Pakistan for many years. Pray for an end to the violence that has been targeting religious minorities.

May 6: CSW partners in Pakistan report that, while relations between Muslims and Christians are friendly, many people are afraid to venture out in public places. Pray God silences extreme voices that do not represent the will of the majority in Pakistan.

May 7: Pray for CSW as we work through partners in Pakistan to meet with survivors of the bomb attack and their families. CSW is also working with the international media to give accurate analysis on the situation.

May 8: Pray for federal and provincial governments in Pakistan to assert their authority to work jointly on strategies to protect persecuted Christians and stop the brutal violence committed by terrorists.

May 9: Pray Pakistan’s government would show commitment to address underlying causes of religiously-motivated violence, like stopping hate speech, reforms to biased curricula and review of discriminatory legislation.

May 10: Pray for peace in Pakistan. There are increasing incidences of hate speech against Christians, which often takes the form of religious leaders trying to stir up their followers to hatred and violence.

May 11: Ask God to give wisdom to CSW’s advocates as they develop new ways to tackle hate speech in Pakistan. Dear Lord, calm the hearts of those living in fear of attacks.

May 12: Pray for the safety and security of the Peace and Development Foundation in Pakistan, which promotes interfaith harmony and challenges extremist mindsets. Pray God raises up mighty Christian leaders in Pakistan.

May 13: Pray for safety and wisdom for the work of Salvance Jacob and the Farrukh Saif Foundation, which provides legal assistance to Christians in Pakistan. This often attracts violence both in and out of the courtroom.

May 14: Pray for Christians in Pakistan facing violence and intimidation. Pray for Michelle Chaudhry’s work, running inter-faith initiatives to build relationships between Christian and Muslim neighbors.

May 15: Please pray for improvements in Pakistan’s justice system. Dear Lord, protect, encourage and provide for Christians in Pakistan living in hiding from blasphemy accusations or threats related to conversion.

May 16: Pray for the nation of China. Religious activity is kept under close watch in China, sometimes creating tension between believers and the state. Restrictions and attacks on churches, pastors and ordinary Christians are not uncommon.

May 17: China's President Xi Jinping made his first state visit to Britain in 2015. Pray President Xi’s visit starts conversations to challenge the state of human rights in China and work toward its improvement.

May 18: Pray President Xi’s visit to Britain will be the start of a fruitful new relationship with the UK, which will delve into matters of human rights and make a positive impact.

May 19: Thank God for the concern for human rights that is being expressed by the UN, and the recent unity of CSW and 45 other organizations that demanded an end to the illegal detention of lawyers and citizens in China.

May 20: Pray for God to effect powerful change in China’s policy toward religious minorities. Justice can seem very far away for many suffering, persecuted Christians.

May 21: Please pray for Pastor Bao Guohua and his wife Xing Wenxiang, recently convicted and sentenced to 14 and 12 years in prison, respectively, for opposing the removal of crosses from Zhejiang churches. Bao Guohua is pastor of Jinhua Christian Church in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province.

May 22: Pray for the immediate release of those detained in China for their peaceful opposition to restrictions on their religious freedom. Pray for freedom of religion or belief for people of all faiths in China.

May 23: Pray for the rebuilding of churches in Zhejiang province whose buildings were demolished and crosses torn down last year. Pray for spiritual and physical protection upon the Church in China.

May 24: Over 280 lawyers and human rights activists, as well as their friends and family, have been detained by the Chinese government since July 2015. Pray for their freedom and safe return home.

May 25: Pray for safety of all human rights defenders in China who are being targeted by authorities. Pray those human rights defenders who remain free are boldly able to carry out their vital work.

May 26: Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring power and courage to Christians in China. Dear    God, strengthen Your children facing harassment and danger for their faith.

May 27: Pray for lawyers and human rights defenders in China who are imprisoned or disappeared. Ask God to intervene and bring an end to the Chinese government’s mistreatment of lawyers and activists.

May 28: Pray for the many Christians in China who have disappeared that they may be safely reunited with their families. Pray God works in powerful ways to glorify His name.

May 29: Zhang Kai is a Chinese Christian lawyer who is in prison for speaking up for religious freedom. He’s being held in a secret location and more likely to be mistreated or tortured. Pray for his safety and freedom.

May 30: Pray for Zhang Kai, a human rights lawyer and Christian, currently in prison in an unknown location. Zhang Kai has been defending the rights of Christians in China since 2004 and has been repeatedly subjected to harassment and intimidation.

May 31: Pray for Zhang Kai's quick release and protection from harm.  Dear Lord, comfort Zhang’s wife and children, as they wait for his safe return home.