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It’s time to tell the truth about life for Christians in Cuba!

“We were confined to torture cells. You can’t tell if it’s day or night. If there was no light bulb, it would stay dark and we’d be there together with the insects – the cockroaches, the ants.”

For years, Caridad endured hell just to get to church. Being a Christian in Cuba means being followed by spies, receiving threats of violence, being held in solitary confinement to stop you from going to church. She tells her moving story in this short film.


We can’t allow this to continue. Many people assume that Cuba is a relatively untroubled island paradise, but the truth is that Christians are routine targets for persecution by the Cuban Government. If more people knew about this, we could start to change things.





There was a dramatic rise in religious persecution in 2012, compared to 2011. Our sources say they’re experiencing the highest levels of intimidation and harassment of church leaders since 1980.

We need you to take action!