JUNE 2021

June 1:  Almighty God, we give thanks that You are working in the nation of Egypt to bring about justice and equality for all Egyptians. Give courage to those speaking up for truth and religious freedom, and facing consequences for doing so.

June 2:  Praise God for the legalization of many churches and places of worship in Egypt, the issuing of permits to build and renovate new churches, and increased efforts to crack down on hate speech and incitement. Pray these new freedoms would decrease social hostilities toward church construction.

June 3:  Give thanks for the churches in Egypt which have been legalized in recent years and granted the permission they need to build or renovate their buildings. In recent years, there have been many positive steps taken by the Egyptian government to advance freedom of religion or belief.

June 4:  Pray for resolution of concerns about the ongoing restrictions on free speech and targeting of human rights defenders in Egypt. In some parts of the country the issue of church construction continues to cause tension.  Pray for an end to tensions.

June 5:  In parts of Upper Egypt, church repairs and construction continue to be a source of tension. Even when Christians have received permission to renovate or build new churches, local Muslims block their attempts. Pray for church communities that have been victims of violence.

June 6:  Dear God, strengthen Your Church in Egypt to be a bold witness as it stands strong, serving You and its neighbors.  Pray for an end to the recent increase of Christians arrested on blasphemy related charges.

June 7:  In November, sectarian violence broke out in the village of Barsha in Minya governorate, Upper Egypt. Hundreds of Muslim villagers attacked the homes of local Christians. Pray those who were affected by the attack would have everything they need to repair the damage.

June 8:  Almighty God, we thank You for the faith, courage and determination of Egyptian believers. Protect and strengthen them as they take refuge in You when facing trials for their faith in Jesus.

June 9:  Pray for wisdom for Egypt's security forces in defeating all sources of terrorism, while protecting and upholding the rights of citizens. Pray for long term, effective solutions to the political issues in Egypt.

June 10:  Lord, we lift the nation of Egypt to You, as Christians in the country face discrimination and violence. We pray for the advancement of justice and equality for all Egyptian citizens, regardless of their religion or belief.

June 11:  Pray for lasting peace and religious freedom in the nation of Syria.  Pray for strength and resources for churches ministering to the suffering. Lord, protect Your Church in Syria; that it will be a light to lead the lost to Christ.

June 12:  Pray for peace across Syria and the entire troubled region. Pray the authorities ensure international humanitarian and human rights law are respected in Syria. Pray Turkey restrains the Islamist militia groups under its command and seeks an end to armed conflict and human rights violations in the region.

June 13:  Pray for the courageous pro-democracy activists in Syria. Since 2019, tens of thousands of civilians have lost their homes and were displaced inside Syria or became refugees in neighboring Iraq.

June 14:  Recently the self-named Syrian National Army (SNA) detained five men, at least two of whom are Christians, in north-east Syria. Pray that Naeem Malki, a prominent local activist, his uncle and the other three men would be safely released immediately and unconditionally.

June 15:  Thank God for the courage of those such as Naeem Malki who work for peace and justice despite the dangers. Pray God empowers those in Syria taking a courageous stand for truth and justice in Jesus’ name.

June 16:  As Syria enters the 10th year of a devastating civil war, pray for those in power to galvanize efforts towards the conclusion of an inclusive constitution, national reconciliation, the return of occupied territory and peace with justice.

June 17:  Please pray for the nation of Syria. Pray for the Church in Syria to reveal Christ, who is the only hope for the nation. Pray for the faith of Syrian Christians to be emboldened, so the love of God will be witnessed through them.

June 18:  As we observe the upcoming World Refugee Day, the world is witnessing unprecedented numbers of refugees, many of whom are fleeing severe religious freedom violations. Ask God to give them the safety and peace they seek.

June 19:  Our Father in Heaven, sees and feels the pain of families separated by religious persecution. Pray for God's mercy and peace on persecuted families torn apart because of their faith.

June 20:  Today is World Refugee Day.  Since 2001, the UN has held this annual observance to bring public awareness to the difficult situations faced by millions of refugees scattered across our globe. Pray for the safety of refugees.

June 21:  Yesterday was World Refugee Day and also Father's Day. Please pray for the many refugee fathers and children who may be separated from each other and enduring horrific conditions.

June 22:  Religious intolerance is one of the root causes of the refugee crisis in many countries. Pray for vulnerable Christians who are forced to flee because their faith makes them a target for violent attacks, persecution and/or torture.

June 23:  Pray for CSW's work to raise awareness for refugees and to see the root causes addressed by international policymakers. The journeys of refugees are often long and dangerous, with uncertain futures.

June 24:  Pray for persecuted Christians worldwide forced to flee their homelands, possibly leaving behind their families. Pray they would find their comfort and security in Him.

June 25:  Lord, we lift the nation of India to You in prayer. Stem the rising tide of Hindu nationalism and protect believers at risk of attack simply because of their faith. Move powerfully in India and spread peace and justice for all its citizens.

June 26:  The last year has been incredibly difficult for Christians in India, and the violence against them has been relentless. After the pandemic swept through the nation, Hindu nationalist groups took advantage of lockdown to attack Christians and other minorities unhindered.

June 27:  Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has furthered its pursuit of a Hindu rashtra (nation), in which the only way to be Indian is to be Hindu. Christians face discrimination and human rights violations. Pray for the Church in India.

June 28:  Pray for Christians in India, who are susceptible to targeted attacks for their faith across the country and particularly in rural India, where they can face permanent ostracization impacting their livelihoods.

June 29:  Pray India's government will work toward creating a nation where everyone is free to believe. Thank God for CSW partner organizations on the ground in India working to get food, medical supplies and legal support to victims of religiously motivated violence.

June 30:  Lord Almighty, we stand on the truth that You are sovereign over Your Church in India. We pray You would thwart the plans of all those who seek to cause harm to Your children in that nation.

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#2 Our principles

We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs