October 1:  Today is Independence Day in Nigeria. Dear Lord, we lift up the nation of Nigeria. We pray for protection against perpetrators of violence and terrorism. Bring peace over Nigeria, healing all victims of terrorism and their families.

October 2:  Please pray for the Church in Nigeria. Pray for church leaders to have wisdom and courage to comfort all those who have lost loved ones through violence and who live in fear. Lord, bring justice and peace to this suffering nation.

October 3:  Pray all churches in Nigeria are able to worship free from the fear of violence.  Pray for God’s protection upon churches and all those targeted by Boko Haram. Pray for peace and hope to reign in Nigeria.

October 4:  Please pray for CSW’s advocacy work in Nigeria. Pray for Nigerian Christians to be safe in the power of the Lord and a witness for God’s love and peace.

October 5:  Dear Lord, grant lasting peace to the nation of Nigeria. Comfort all who mourn, heal all those who have been injured, and restore families separated by violence and terrorism.

October 6:  Pray God would open doors for CSW’s Africa and Middle East advocacy team as they meet influential decision-makers who have the power to make change. Ask for God’s mercy upon Nigeria and for wisdom for its political and community leaders.

October 7:  Praise God for brave Christian leaders in Nigeria who speak out with faith and courage in the face of death threats. Pray for the reconciliation work of CSW-Nigeria to flourish.

October 8:  All powerful God, we lift up the nation of China. We pray for the Chinese government to uphold and protect religious freedom so our brothers and sisters in Christ can worship freely.

October 9:  Dear Lord, open the hearts of those in authority in China, to know Your love through Your Holy Spirit. Give them a desire to change their ways and stop persecuting Your Church.

October 10:  Almighty God, we pray for the Chinese House Church Alliance, a large umbrella organization for 1,000s of house churches across China. We pray for protection upon the leaders, pastors and congregations.

October 11:  Religious communities across China face extreme pressure to conform to a Party-approved version of religious practice. Pray for the leaders of churches and communities that have resisted this pressure and have faced harassment, threats and even prison sentences.

October 12:  Pray for the Chinese Communist Party to cease its crackdown on Love Reformed Church, as well as other religious groups across China. Pray for the Chinese government to protect the right to freedom of religion or belief for all citizens of China.

October 13:  Almighty God, we pray for Your protection upon Christian human rights lawyers in China as they face great threats for their work defending religious freedom. Empower them with Your wisdom and strength as they persevere against injustice and persecution.

October 14:  Chinese authorities often target Christians with political/financial false charges, including "inciting subversion of state power" and "illegal business operation." Lord, we pray for safety of Christians suffering for their faith in Jesus. Give them Your perfect peace and assurance that You are always with them.

October 15:  Pray for Gao Zhisheng, a Chinese human rights lawyer known for defending religious minorities. Chinese authorities illegally arrested him for the first time in 2006, then multiple disappearances, beatings, torture and imprisonments followed. He disappeared completely in 2017.

October 16:  Pray for Chinese human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, his wife, Geng He, and their family. He's been disappeared since 2017. The years of worry have taken their toll on Gao’s family, but his wife continues to call for his freedom.

October 17:  Pray God will breathe hope and peace into Gao Zhisheng's heart and mind wherever he is being held and bring him safely home to his family. Pray God strengthens and comforts Gao’s family.

October 18:  Pray for increased pressure on the Chinese government to release Gao Zhisheng. Gao was never charged with anything or sentenced, and his whereabouts and condition remain unknown. He has had no contact with a lawyer or his family.

October 19:  Pray for a breakthrough of justice in China. Pray for protection over faith communities in China and for true freedom of religion or belief for every citizen.

October 20:  Pray for wisdom and strength for Church leaders in China, who are increasingly pressured to join the state-sanctioned church. Pray for God's protection upon the Church in China to stand firm in the power of the Holy Spirit.

October 21:  Pray for safety of unregistered house churches in China against corrupt regional authorities.  Pray leaders in Chinese government stop persecuting and intimidating Christians and discover God's love.

October 22:  Pray the Chinese government stops using false charges to target leaders and members of religious communities. Pray for the nation of China to truly respect freedom of religion or belief for all its citizens.

October 23:  Almighty God, we ask You to pour out Your Holy Spirit upon the nation of China. Protect and empower Your Church as it copes with increased persecution and intimidation. Shield believers from danger.

October 24:  In countries across the globe, different religious communities experience numerous violations at the hands of repressive authorities or extremist groups. Pray for all those who suffer violence just because of their faith.

October 25:  Lord, protect all those who suffer violence on account of their faith. Bring them healing and comfort that You alone can provide.

October 26:  In many parts of the world Christians face daily persecution, and church leaders are under immense intimidation from authorities. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring great spiritual revival and religious freedom worldwide.

October 27:  Today is International Religious Freedom Day. Lord, we pray for religious freedom to all worldwide. Bring hope to all who are living under the grip of religious discrimination, persecution or oppression.

October 28:  Ask God to sustain and encourage church leaders worldwide who are unjustly imprisoned because of their faith.  Pray for safety of pastors who are boldly speaking out on religious freedom issues.

October 29:  Please pray for Christian human rights groups who have been the recipients of harassment and death threats as they work for justice. Pray for all organizations working for religious freedom around the world.

October 30:  Pray for the CSW Public Affairs team. It is at the heart of our advocacy work to ensure our concerns and recommendations on religious freedom reach those in a position to make a difference.

October 31:  Pray for the worldwide Church to have a deeper concern for the Persecuted Church. Pray more Christians have a greater awareness of the violations of religious freedom worldwide.

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#2 Our principles

We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs