December 1:  In many countries, Christians live under a government that is either indifferent or actively hostile to them. Pray for CSW’s leadership, which develops advocacy partnerships in these countries. Lord, guide Your servants to bring justice for Your glory.

December 2:  Almighty God, we pray for persecuted Christians who are unjustly imprisoned in lonely, solitary confinement and are unable to fellowship with other Christians. Be their comfort, joy and strength.

December 3:  Pray for the safety of journalists with whom CSW works worldwide, especially those at risk. Pray for guidance and wisdom in establishing new relationships in the media.

December 4:  Pray God would bring strength and comfort to the parts of His Church facing oppression.  Please pray for children who are caught up in religious conflict.

December 5:  Ask God to give churches around the world many opportunities to contribute positively in their societies, especially in countries being ruled by repressive regimes. Pray for Christians to be God’s hands and feet in this hurting world.

December 6:  Dear Lord, strengthen and protect Your persecuted children. We pray for Your abundant love to surround them. May they experience the freedom and power that comes from knowing You live in them.

December 7:  Please pray for CSW partners worldwide who often work in difficult, dangerous circumstances at great risk to themselves. They are courageous in their work for religious freedom and human rights in their countries.

December 8:  Pray for believers worldwide who are unjustly imprisoned for their faith. Pray for those who are at risk of imprisonment for their faith or for defending justice and human rights. May God protect them and their families.

December 9:  Today is International Human Rights Defenders Day. Please pray all governments worldwide work to address human rights issues that so often lead to religious freedom violations.

December 10:  Pray for the thousands of courageous human rights defenders worldwide.  Many of them are also religious leaders which allows them to bridge the gap between public and religious life but also puts them in danger.

December 11:  Pray for world leaders in positions of power and influence. Pray they would use their positions to ensure no one faces religious persecution. Freedom of religion is one of the most widely violated human rights in the world.

December 12:  Pray God opens more doors for CSW to work closely with governments worldwide so we can stand together for human rights and religious freedom around the world.

December 13:  Pray for CSW’s work with governments who are committed to human rights and religious freedom. Pray God would rise up more men and women to champion the cause of truth and righteousness at all levels of government.

December 14:  CSW's manifesto says we believe human rights are critical in enabling societies and countries to flourish. Pray for all governments worldwide to actively promote human rights and for world leaders to uphold their duty to protect this right.

December 15:  Almighty God, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for those who are unable to worship and celebrate in safety. Be close to them and protect them from all evil.

December 16:  Please pray for Christians who have nowhere to gather for Christmas because local authorities have closed their churches. Pray they can find somewhere safe to celebrate the birth of Christ in peace.

December 17:  Pray for protection and peace upon Christians worldwide meeting together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, God’s amazing gift of love and salvation.

December 18:  Christmas is a time of great joy for the Church. It's also a time of great danger for many of God's children. Pray for believers suffering discrimination, harassment and all forms of injustice for their faith.

December 19:  Loving God, we thank You for the gift of Your son, Jesus. Please comfort and encourage those who must celebrate alone or in secret. Watch over them and keep them safe during this Christmas season.

December 20:  Emmanuel, God with us. Lord, as Christmas draws near, be near to believers suffering for their faith. Remind them of the good news You came to bring to earth and that they are never alone, for You are by their side.

December 21:  Two thousand years ago, a great light dawned on a world in darkness. Yet while we celebrate the birth of Christ, which brought that light, Christmas often brings a clampdown on Christians around the world. Pray for believers whose faith makes them a target of violence and terror.

December 23: Pray for God's protection upon vulnerable Christian communities worldwide as they celebrate Christ’s birth. Pray any plans to harm them would be thwarted, and they are able to rejoice in peace and freedom.

December 23:  Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, we pray for Christians for whom this Christmas will be far from peaceful. Watch over their celebrations and dwell among them as they gather.

December 24:  The miracle of Christmas brought salvation to the world. Pray for Christians in every corner of the world to be reminded of the hope and assurance they have in Jesus, knowing He is their Savior today and for all eternity.

December 25:  Jesus, the joy which You brought to the world cannot be contained in words. Pray the Church is filled with an inexpressible joy, today and every day.

December 26:  Jesus, Light of the world, shine Your transforming light into the darkest corners of this world. May the places where there is no freedom, justice or peace radiate Your glory and power.

December 27:  Please pray for Christians in vulnerable communities worldwide to be a beacon of hope during the Christmas season and into the new year. May they express God’s message of peace, love and salvation.

December 28:  Dear God, thank You for answered prayers and for faithfully guiding the work of CSW in 2021.  We pray our continued work will be to Your Glory and according to Your will.

December 29:  Please pray for the work of CSW in 2022. Pray for God's guidance and strength as CSW stands as a voice for justice and religious freedom. Pray for renewed courage for all those suffering for their faith.

December 30:  Pray for CSW's staff to build strong, affirming relationships with the people they meet on country visits. Pray for the CSW advocacy team as they prepare for assignments in 2022.

December 31:  Please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom in all of CSW's plans, so we can be an effective voice for the voiceless and a strong voice for religious freedom worldwide in 2022.

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#2 Our principles

We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs