JULY 2021

July 1: Praise God for the religious freedom we have in the United States to speak out against injustice and religious persecution. Lord, help us make the most of every opportunity to secure religious freedom for the Church worldwide.

July 2: Almighty God, You are above all nations and governments. Move in the hearts and minds of world leaders in decisive actions to defend religious freedom where it is threatened.

July 3: Praise God for His sovereignty over all the earth. He is in control of all nations and above all rulers. Pray for God's forgiveness and healing of our land. Dear God, please give strength to Your Church to stand firm in Truth.

July 4: Please pray for our great nation as we celebrate the 245th year of having the freedom to be one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. The freedoms and liberties of our nation are under attack in many ways. Pray for God's mercy.

July 5: Pray for God to rise up strong, godly men and women who will fight for justice, truth and the preservation of religious freedom in our great nation and worldwide.

July 6: Lord, thank You for Your faithful servants which You have placed in positions of power and authority worldwide. Protect them and their families.

July 7: Please pray for millions of persecuted Christians worldwide unable to live their faith freely, without fear. Lord, give them courage and strength to triumph over the daily trials they face.

July 8: Lord, we pray for continued favor upon CSW with journalists so the voices of those persecuted for their faith are heard. We give thanks for journalists and media that cover religious freedom issues fairly.

July 9: Almighty God, You hold all nations in Your hands. Please work through the international institutions to bring justice and freedom to Your children suffering persecution and religious oppression.

July 10: Pray for safety of CSW’s partners as they document religious freedom violations worldwide. Lord, watch over Your servants and move in powerful ways for Your glory.

July 11: Pray for the nation of North Korea which is the most isolated, secretive and repressed nation on earth. What is known about the country is very limited, but one thing is certain, freedom of religion or belief is non-existent.

July 12: Anyone expressing opinions or beliefs in North Korea which differ from the regime’s ideology faces severe punishment. Pray for the 200,000+ people estimated to be detained unjustly in prison camps where they endure dire living conditions and horrific torture.

July 13: The current constitution in North Korea was adopted in 1972 and established the country’s first leader, Kim Il-sung, as President, paving the way for the totalitarian ruling dynasty. Pray for the current leader, Kim Jong-un, that his heart would be completely transformed by the Holy Spirit.

July 14: In 2014, the UN Commission of Inquiry found the North Korean government had committed crimes against humanity, stating "the gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a State that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world." Very little action has been taken in over six years. Pray the report’s findings prompt world leaders to hold perpetrators accountable.

July 15: The 2014 UN Commission of Inquiry on North Korea found "an almost complete denial of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion," and that Christianity was considered a particularly serious threat to the regime. Pray for strength and hope to all Christians harassed, detained and/or tortured for their faith.

July 16: Some aspects of daily life in North Korea have changed. There is a greater awareness of the outside world, as flows of information into the country have increased. Pray North Koreans have fundamental freedoms restored and are able to have religious freedom without fear.

July 17: Although the North Korean regime has not shown any signs of change in regard to human rights, increased flows of information into the country via radio broadcasts, DVDs, USB sticks and other means, has brought greater awareness of the outside world. Pray for the Holy Spirit to pour out upon North Korea.

July 18: Pray for Christians in North Korea who face the risk of three generations sent to prison camps, severe torture and execution for their faith. North Koreans caught just owning a Bible have been known to be executed.

July 19: Pray for tens of thousands of North Korean refugees who are in grave danger of deportation back to North Korea. Pray South Korea’s President Moon accepts them and gives them a new life in safety and freedom.

July 20: Pray Christ’s transformative light will overcome the darkness of the North Korean regime. Pray those in positions of power worldwide would use their authority to address the country’s human rights record.

July 21: Merciful God, we may never know the full extent of the suffering that North Koreans endure at the hands of their leaders. We ask You to pour out Your healing power on this nation and bring deliverance.

July 22: Pray for the nation of Indonesia, which has been known for centuries as a tolerant, pluralistic, multi-cultural society. However, things have been changing, with religious intolerance rising sharply.

July 23: Pray for Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation. It has a long tradition of pluralism, religious freedom and inter-religious harmony. It was widely respected worldwide for its successful transition from authoritarian rule to democracy.

July 24: Pray for peace in Indonesia as rising religious intolerance threatens to destroy achievements in democracy, posing a threat to religious minorities and all Indonesians who value democracy, human rights and stability.

July 25: Indonesia has a long history of respecting other faiths, but militant Islamists have recently pushed through a number of measures with serious, long-term implications for religious freedom and minority rights. Lord, we pray for Your protection upon Christians in Indonesia.

July 26: Recently, CSW was privileged to attend a conference in Jakarta where leaders from various faiths came together to promote peaceful coexistence. Pray the rising tide of religious extremism and intolerance in Indonesia would be reversed.

July 27: Indonesia marked Pancasila Day in June, when the country remembered the declaration of its founding principles in 1945. Pluralism was among them, and Pancasila has historically ensured that religious groups can coexist peacefully. Pray Indonesia returns to a truly pluralistic society.

July 28: Indonesia was an example to the international community of harmony and pluralism due to its founding principles known as Pancasila, which promote tolerance and acceptance. Pray Indonesia returns to its founding principles.

July 29: Pray for the millions of Christians in Indonesia facing hardship and persecution for their faith in Jesus. Lord, bring them Your peace and joy in the midst of oppression so they can be a witness of Your love and hope.

July 30: Pray for those attacked in a suspected suicide bombing outside a church in Makassar, eastern Indonesia, in March. At least 20 people were injured during the Palm Sunday service. The two attackers were believed to be members of the armed group Jemaah Anshorut Daulah.

July 31: Blasphemy laws continue to be used in Indonesia. The Constitutional Court rejected calls to challenge these laws, and new laws that may restrict religious freedom may soon be introduced. Pray Indonesians would be allowed to choose and change its religion freely.

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