September 1:   Almighty God, we pray for the nation of Afghanistan. As Taliban forces have swallowed up this nation, Afghan pastors in the country have sent messages asking for prayer.

September 2:  Please pray for God’s protection upon Christians in Afghanistan.  Dear Lord, guard their bodies, minds and spirits through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Encourage them and bring Your light into their darkness.

September 3:  Pray for the safety of Afghan Christian communities facing intense hostility for their faith. Lord, we pray for Your peace and love to surround Your children in Afghanistan. May the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout this country.

September 4:  Almighty God, we pray for strength and protection upon Your suffering Church in Afghanistan. We pray it would be a witness of the freedom and power found in You.

September 5:  Sovereign God, we thank You for the growth of Your Church in Afghanistan. Give courage to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering intense persecution. We pray Your Holy Spirit protects them in the midst of danger.

September 6:  Pray for Christians in Afghanistan whose safety is often threatened by their own families. Lord Jesus, we pray for Your Church in Afghanistan, living through very dark days of oppression, injustice and persecution. Be their guiding Light.

September 7:  Pray for financial provision for Christians in Afghanistan.  Money cannot be taken from the bank and ATMs are empty.

September 8:  Pray for physical protection of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Afghanistan.  Merciful God, we boldly come to Your throne and plead for restraint of evil and confusion of the plans of evildoers.

September 9:  Pray for safety of Christians in Afghanistan who are in hiding. Many Afghan pastors report the Taliban has contacted them saying they are coming for them.

September 10:  Church leaders in Afghanistan have asked for prayer. Asking the Lord to strengthen them in their faith and that they would "stay strong in the Lord, who is the Sovereign King."

September 11:  Pray for God to protect and increase the faith of His children in the Afghan Church as they don't know what each day will bring. Claim Phil 4:19 "Our God will supply every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."

September 12:  Afghan Christians ask for prayer for spiritual revival. Dear God, we pray for the advancement of the Gospel in Afghanistan. Open the eyes of the spiritually blind, open spiritually deaf ears, and soften stone hearts with Your love.

September 13:  Pray God would work powerfully in Afghanistan to make His Holy name known. The Christian community faces terrible uncertainty. They have proclaimed "Our hope is not in politics, but in Jesus who is the King."

September 14:  God, we pray for spiritual provision for Your Church in Afghanistan. Protect and provide for all the house churches which are in hiding from evil men who seek to kill and destroy Your children.

September 15:  Almighty God, we lift up the tortured nation of Afghanistan. We pray for physical protection and supernatural provision for Your Church which is under siege from evildoers.

September 16:  Lord Jesus, we pray for Your Gospel of salvation and love to supernaturally permeate throughout the nation of Afghanistan. We pray for the Holy Spirit to pour out healing and peace, to transform chaos and hate to calm unity.

September 17:  Almighty God, we pray for the nation of Cuba. Pray for Cuba as nationwide protests began July 11 in response to severe economic crisis and record surge of Covid-19 cases. The protests have been met with violence and arrests from the Cuban government.

September 18:  The Cuban protests expanded to criticism of the Cuban Communist Party's decades-long hold on power, and the crackdown on human rights and pro-democracy movements. Pray the Cuban government stops imprisoning Christians linked to human rights and democracy groups.

September 19:  Ask God to help churches in Cuba stand strong under increasing pressure from the government.  Pray for church leaders facing extreme levels of intimidation. Dear God, give wisdom and protection to Your Church in Cuba.

September 20:  Reports have emerged from Cuba of religious leaders unjustly detained amid the nationwide protests. Pray for safety of Christian leaders in Cuba who are standing up for religious freedom.

September 21:  Today is International Day of Peace. Pray for Pastors For Change, a group of Cuban pastors who are often threatened by the authorities. Pray for safety of church leaders speaking out for religious freedom and human rights in Cuba.

September 22:  Pray for freedom and justice for the nation of Cuba.  Please pray for renewed strength for the Persecuted Church in Cuba.  Lord, lift them up with wings like eagles that they would not grow weary or faint.

September 23:  Dear God, we pray for Your servants in Cuba facing harassment, intimidation and prison for their faith. Empower them as they live out their faith amid daily threats.

September 24:  Pray for Pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo, unjustly imprisoned since July. Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort and care for him, his wife, and their two children.

September 25:  Pray for the release and safe return home of Pastor Lorenzo. Pray for physical and emotional healing of those who were beaten while detained. Lord, we pray Your justice moves powerfully to set the captives free.

September 26:  Pray for the Church in Cuba.  Pray for the Gospel to spread and for Cuba to be freed from all tyranny and oppression. Pray for transformative change in Cuba that leads to true, full freedom for every citizen.

September 27:  Lord, transform the hearts of government leaders in Cuba, to bring about a future of peace and respect for religious freedom. Pray those who oppress religious freedom become channels for peace.

September 28:  Dear God, change the hearts and minds of powerful government leaders in Cuba so they will work for a peaceful democracy that protects the rights of all its citizens.

September 29:  Pray for God to do a transforming work in Cuba. Pray for the Church in Cuba to be able to worship freely, without fear or intimidation and that the Cuban government would rule with mercy and justice.

September 30:  Dear God, we pray for the nation of Cuba. Protect those risking their safety to defend human rights and religious freedom. Provide the resources needed as they work tirelessly in extremely trying circumstances.

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We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs