September 2022

September 1:  Dear God, today we lift Sudan to You. Restore democracy to this country, and end the decades-long repression of the rights of religious and ethnic minorities. May Your freedom reign in every town, village and city.

September 2:  The direction which Sudan has headed in since the military coup of October 2021, which overthrew the civilian-led transition government, is very concerning. Pray the international community takes a stand for justice and religious freedom in their interactions with Sudan.

September 3:  Interference in church affairs has increased across Sudan since the 2021 coup. Pray for an end to the harassment of church leaders, and for the dissolution of illegally constituted committees which attempt to restrict and control church activities.

September 4:  Churches in Sudan continue to experience interference from the government. Pray for an end to government interference in church affairs, and that decision-making power is given to legitimate church leaders.

September 5:  Pray for Pastor Stefanous Adil Kajo, an Evangelical Lutheran Church leader in Sudan. He was attacked by extremists during a church service in April. Pastor Kajo’s church has faced harassment many times from local extremists in recent years.

September 6:  Pray for Pastor Kajo and his congregation. Ask God to protect them from further harassment and attacks, and to ease religious tensions in their community in Gezira state, Sudan.

September 7:  During the attack on Pastor Kajo’s church, Bibles were destroyed and property broken. Dear God, provide the finances needed to repair these damages. Comfort those suffering trauma from the attack.

September 8:  Pray for Christians in Sudan facing harassment, intimidation and violence.  Pray for Christians and Muslims to find ways of living together peacefully. Lord, we pray for the Church in Sudan to prosper and be a source of light and hope.

September 9:  Pray for Christians in Sudan; where living their faith comes at a heavy price. Christianity is often not recognized as an official religion, causing Christians to be seen as outside of the law and outside of society.

September 10:  Almighty God, guide and protect Your Church in Sudan as it stands as a beacon of light in the darkness. We pray for threats against churches and church leaders in Sudan to stop.

September 11:  Today is New Year's Day in Egypt. Lord God, we thank You for the positive steps that Egypt has taken in recent years. We continue to pray for further reforms as a new year begins, and that the nation of Egypt would become an example of peace, unity and co-existence for all religious groups.

September 12:  Please pray for the nation of Egypt. Praise God for the incremental change we are seeing with religious freedom, and pray for its acceleration. Pray for genuine national dialogue that brings peace, reconciliation, and healing.

September 13:  Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi recently proposed a national dialogue in which every Egyptian can participate and speak freely, regardless of political or ideological affiliations, in order to define the country’s new priorities. Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit in this dialogue.

September 14:  Although the national dialogue in Egypt had not begun at the time of this writing, applications for participation are open. Pray it proves to be a genuine effort to achieve reconciliation, healing and renewal, and address continuing restrictions on religious freedom.

September 15:  The initiative of the national dialogue in Egypt is part of a national human rights strategy launched in September 2021, which has resulted in the release of many prisoners, including human rights activists and religious detainees. Pray this progress continues unabated.

September 16:  "Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification." (Romans 14:19) Pray for peace, unity and mutual respect between the different religious groups in Egypt.

September 17:  Praise God, days after the proposal of national dialogue in Egypt, nine Coptic Christians were released from prison. They were arrested in January after taking part in peaceful protests demanding permission to rebuild St Joseph and Abu Sefein Church in Ezbat Farajallah village, burnt down in suspicious circumstances.

September 18:  Pray the recent prison releases of nine Christians in Egypt will be permanent and unconditional. Pray these encouraging developments indicate an increased willingness to engage in political dialogue to improve the human rights situation.

September 19:  Pray the nine Egyptian Christians released in April are able to enjoy their freedom without fearing further arrest. Pray for continuing improvements in Egypt's human rights situation.

September 20:  Pray for the peaceful promotion and protection of religious and human rights in Egypt. Praise God for recent efforts by Egyptian authorities, and the personal commitment of President Sisi to improve the situation of the Christian community. 

September 21:  While there have been some recent positive developments for religious freedom in Egypt, there is still a long way to go. Pray for Christians targeted with threats and sectarian violence. The government has also cracked down forcefully on human rights defenders.

September 22:  Pray for an end to extra-legal "reconciliation" sessions, which are often used to settle disputes about new churches in Egypt. These sessions take place outside of the legal system, depriving victims of the justice they deserve by coercing them to accept a settlement.

September 23:  Give thanks for recent reforms by the Egyptian government, including the legalization of places of worship. Dozens of churches and worship buildings have been legalized. Pray Egypt’s leaders take this legislation further to benefit all Christian groups.

September 24:  Praise God for the 239 churches and places of worship which have recently been granted legal status in Egypt. Over 2,400 churches have been legalized since 2016, when provincial governors were given the power to approve church buildings.

September 25:  Thank God for the legalization of many churches in Egypt. However, their new legal status does not guarantee a smooth building process. Pray for Christian communities facing obstacles when attempting to construct or maintain their churches in areas where societal hostility remains high.

September 26:  Pray for the total reform of legislation and the law governing the construction of churches in Egypt, giving equal rights and protections to people of every religion or belief.

September 27:  Almighty God, surround Your children in Egypt with Your love and protection. May they reap abundant joy in every area where they have sown with tears.

September 28:  Pray for peace in Nigeria. Kaduna has become a dangerous state in Nigeria, where kidnappings have become commonplace. Islamic terrorists kidnap and kill people on the roads, on trains and even at the Kaduna airport. People are not even safe in their own homes.

September 29:  Pray for CSW-Nigeria, boldly speaking out for religious freedom in Nigeria, even under dangerous and unstable circumstances. Dear God, protect them and their families, and others who travel by road or rail from attack or abduction.

September 30:  Pray for an end to extremist violence spreading across Nigeria. Pray the Nigerian government and international community take effective action. It is a dangerous time for Christians in Nigeria, living in fear for their lives simply because of their faith.

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