May 2021

May 1:  Praise God the US has been blessed to have a law proclaiming an annual day of prayer for our nation since the first observance in 1952. Please pray for America, as decades later, we are in need of prayer with increasing urgency.

May 2:  The 2021 US National Day of Prayer theme is "LORD pour out Your LOVE, LIFE, and LIBERTY." It will be the focus of our prayers for America and around the world as we step into the 70th year of observing the US National Day of Prayer.

May 3:  Please pray for the upcoming US National Day of Prayer. Pray our nation receives the message of salvation and experiences the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church has been sent out to bear witness to God's message of love, life and liberty.

May 4:  We are surrounded by many lost, hurting people in our nation, who have never experienced the love of God. He designed and defines love. Pray His unconditional, authentic love and abundant life through Jesus will be received, bringing spiritual revival throughout our great nation.

May 5:  Praise God for the liberty which He has bestowed upon our nation. God alone is our judge and in Christ alone we experience authentic, eternal liberty. Pray God protects and preserves it from being taken away.

May 6:  Today is the US National Day of Prayer. Almighty God, pour out Your Holy Spirit across this great nation.  Empower renewed boldness throughout Your Church to be examples of Your love, life and liberty.

May 7:  Pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out across America; filling lives, families, churches, schools, military, government, entertainment and media with Spirit-empowered, Spirit-filled love, life and liberty as defined by Almighty God.

May 8:  Dear Lord, we pray for Your Church to be a beacon of light on a hill, and for voices of justice and peace to be amplified in all nations around the world. Bring powerful spiritual revival across the United States.

May 9:  We pray for families around the world who are separated or enduring suffering and persecution for their faith in God.  Lord, draw very near to mothers and children who are living under daily threats of torture, imprisonment and/or death.

May 10:  Lord, we ask You to comfort mothers who are in prison for their faith and to encourage their families who are filled with fear and anxiety.

May 11:  Merciful God, we ask that You would guard and defend Your children who face terror and destruction for their faith in You, even in their own homes. Cover them with Your mercy and power.

May 12:  Pray for CSW to develop strong, new relationships with churches in every nation. Thank God for CSW’s international partners and contacts. Pray for God's protection over them as they work for justice in their local governments.

May 13:  Please pray for Leah Sharibu, the abducted Nigerian schoolgirl who, in 2018, refused to renounce her faith in exchange for her freedom, and is still held by her terrorist captors. Tomorrow is her 18th birthday. Leah’s faith inspires us to trust in God and persevere. Join us tomorrow for a prayer meeting unlike any other, as CSW partners create a global wave of prayer.

May 14:  Join in prayer as CSW teams in Nigeria, South East Asia, the US, Mexico and the UK will each host online meetings over a 24-hour period. The focus of the event is to pray for the miraculous, safe release of Leah and all suffering for their faith worldwide.

May 15:  Justice can seem very far away for many persecuted Christians around the world. They live in countries where their government is either indifferent or actively hostile to them. Pray for their safety and for the joy of the Lord to dwell in their hearts.

May 16:  Pray for Christians who have survived persecution. Once released, the trauma can linger for many years, with nightmares, flashbacks and paranoia. Pray for those who endured physical and/or psychological torture to have new hope and vision for the future.

May 17:  Please pray for emotional healing for Christians who are suffering following persecution. Pray for their families and friends to have wisdom as they seek to love and care for survivors.

May 18:  Torture is a horrific violation of human rights which is often seen when religious freedom is violated.  Pray for safety and God’s healing upon those in torture rehabilitation centers throughout the world.

May 19:  Pray for God's courage, strength and way of escape for Christians worldwide who desperately need His peace as they endure daily intimidation, danger and harassment for their faith. Dear God, we trust in the knowledge that You are sovereign over all earthly rulers and principalities.

May 20:  Please pray for the nation of Eritrea. It is one of the most repressive regimes in the world, where Christians are jailed and beaten in attempt to get them to renounce their faith.

May 21:  Dear God, we lift to You all those denied religious freedom in Eritrea. We ask You to transform the hearts of Eritrea’s leaders to bring lasting change in the nation with the restoration of human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

May 22:  The nation of Eritrea was elected to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in 2018.  Despite being in its second year as a member of HRC, human rights are regularly violated. Pray for God to work a miracle of righteousness and justice for the sake of the Eritrean people, who have suffered decades of oppression.

May 23:  Despite becoming a member of the UN Human Rights Council in 2018, Eritrea’s human rights record has in no way improved and the right to freedom of religion or belief continues to be systematically violated. Pray God ends the severe repression which persists in countless forms throughout Eritrea.

May 24:  Today is Independence Day in Eritrea.  Since gaining independence from Ethiopia in 1991, the Eritrean government has grown increasingly ruthless. Please pray for the nation of Eritrea and for thousands of Christians who are imprisoned for their faith.

May 25:  Since Eritrea gained independence in 1991, its government has banned most churches, forbidding them from meeting together under any circumstance. Pray for safety of Christians and religious freedom in Eritrea.

May 26:  CSW is committed to seeking justice for the people of Eritrea.  Thousands of people flee the country every month to escape the grave human rights situation. Pray for international intervention to persevere in bringing to light the violations of human rights in Eritrea.

May 27:  Praise God for the 70 Christians in Eritrea who were released from prison in January and February.  Six of them had been detained for worshipping in public, and 64 had been held without charge or trial between two-12 years.

May 28:  Tens of thousands of Eritreans are held without charge or trial on account of their faith. They are confined in very dangerous conditions and many are tortured. Pray for the immediate release of all those who are unjustly imprisoned for their faith.

May 29:  Although Eritrea’s constitution protects freedom of religion, the ruling party has not implemented this document. Thousands of Christians are detained without charge or trial, in inhumane, life-threatening conditions.  Pray for justice for Christians facing persecution, mistreatment and unjust imprisonment.

May 30:  Pray Eritreans would be free to practice their religion of choice, without fear of punishment from the authorities. Pray those arrested at Christian gatherings are released immediately without charge.

May 31:  Dear Lord, we pray for peace and Your healing throughout the nation of Eritrea. Bring Eritrea into a new era where Christians can live free from intimidation, with no fear of religious persecution.

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We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs