January 1:  Almighty God, we prayerfully dedicate the future of CSW to You and humbly ask for Your continued blessing, provision and guidance as we work for a world where religious freedom is no longer endangered.

January 2:  Pray for wisdom and endurance for CSW's advocacy team in 2022. Long term work brings amazing results, but it’s often exhausting, especially for our advocacy team working tirelessly to bring about change that is often slow in coming.

January 3:  Lord God, we lift the Persecuted Church to You. May this new year be one of breakthrough and lasting change. Release the captives, protect the vulnerable, and change the hearts of those in power, to bring peaceful coexistence and freedom.

January 4:  As 2022 begins, pray for peace, unity and mutual respect between different religious groups worldwide. "Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification." (Romans 14:19)

January 5:  Almighty God, You devise plans and set them out in ways we sometimes can’t understand. We pray You grant CSW the faith and endurance to see all situations through to Your appointed end.

January 6:  Pray God would bless the work of CSW's Public Affairs Team in 2022 as they raise religious freedom concerns with diplomats and other key decision-makers.

January 7:  Praise God for the ways He has enabled CSW to have favor and influence worldwide to promote religious freedom. Pray for continued blessing in 2022 and doors of opportunity opened for His glory.

January 8:  Pray for the nation of Burma. It is facing a humanitarian catastrophe and desperately needs our prayers. The devastating military coup last February, and a long running civil war, have been compounded by economic collapse and the effects of the pandemic.

January 9:  Pray for peace in Burma. On Feb. 1, 2021 the army, known as the Tatmadaw, seized power in a coup. This sparked widespread national protests which were met with violent responses from the army and police.

January 10:  Pray for safe places of refuge for tens of thousands of people displaced in the aftermath of the coup in Burma. Attacks on civilians, including the use of military airstrikes, have been widely documented in Chin, Kayah, Karen and Kachin states.

January 11:  Pray for Benedict Rogers, CSW's Senior Analyst on East Asia, who has worked on issues with Burma for decades. He describes the situation as "the darkest of perfect storms," and asks to pray for a miracle.

January 12:  Cardinal Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, appealed to the Burmese military to "drop all guns and bring medical care." Oxygen is running out, with PPE and essential medical supplies in dangerously short supply. Pray medical aid to Burma arrives where needed most.

January 13:  Pray for the Church in Burma and its leaders. Church leaders have been targeted and are at increased risk since the coup. Pray for Rev. Samson, President of the Kachin Baptist Convention, requesting prayer for the people of Burma, "Please pray for God's mercy and blessing upon Christians and non-Christians here in Burma… I believe the solution is only in God's hands."

January 14:  Pray for those in Burma, whose lives have been devastated by the military coup. Pray for safe release of captives and for justice. Believers can declare with confidence they will not be shaken because they are under the protection of an unshakable God.

January 15:  Pray for the safe release of captives and those disappeared. Lord, bring genuine democracy and real peace to Burma following the military coup in February 2021. God is a refuge of security, stability and protection for all who seek Him.

January 16:  An urgent response from the international community is vital if Burma is to be pulled back from the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. Pray the National Unity Government, formed to oppose the military junta, finds favor and support among intergovernmental organizations.

January 17:  Pray for protection and prioritization of children in Burma. They are under siege and facing catastrophic loss of life because of the military coup.

January 18:  There have been a series of attacks on Christians and churches in Burma amid a wider crackdown on civilians in the aftermath of the military coup. Please pray for the families of those killed and injured in the attacks.

January 19:  Pray for the people of Burma. Lord, protect and strengthen all those working toward a peaceful future for the country. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

January 20:  Christian communities in Burma are providing essential resources and refuge to thousands of citizens who were forced from their homes by increasing violence. Pray for the churches, which should be places of safety, but are now being targeted.

January 21:  Dear God, there is so much need in Burma; from the coup to COVID and from civil war to economic collapse. Please intervene and bring miraculous peace and prosperity to this suffering country.

January 22:  Lord God, we lift the nation of Mexico to You. We pray You would change hearts and frustrate the plans of those who seek to sow division, violence and intolerance.

January 23:  While the Mexican constitution upholds religious freedom, violations experienced by Christian communities remain a common occurrence. Pray the government intervenes to bring justice in cases of violence, discrimination and forced displacement.

January 24:  Religious leaders and priests in Mexico are often targeted by criminal groups, and real investigations rarely take place. Pray for safety of religious leaders and for thorough investigations into attacks against them.

January 25:  Mexico continues to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a priest. Pray for protection over Mexico’s priests and those caught in the crossfire of violent clashes between rival criminal armed groups.

January 26:  "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Pray for this truth to be known by families in Mexico who have been forcibly displaced from their homes on account of their faith.

January 27:  Children in Mexico continue to face restrictions on their right to education because of their or their parents’ religion. In school, they are discriminated against or excluded altogether. Pray for a spirit of coexistence and inclusion in the educational system.

January 28:  Pray Mexico’s Ministry of Public Education works with state authorities to ensure no religious minority child is prohibited from attending school because of their faith.

January 29:  CSW has documented a range of violations experienced by religious minorities in educational settings in Mexico. Pray measures are taken to ensure all children have their fundamental rights to an education and religious freedom without fear of harassment, intimidation or discrimination in school.

January 30:  The Mexican government regularly fails to combat violations of religious freedom, rarely intervening in cases of discrimination or violence against faith communities. Pray for leaders with integrity and determination to end the culture of impunity.

January 31:  Pray the Mexican government addresses the culture of impunity which has allowed religious freedom violations to go unchecked. Pray citizens can practice their religion without being forced to pay illegal fines or pressured to renounce their faith under threat of criminal actions.

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We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs